Depending on what you believe in I might be a gooey alien living underground in my big tank with internet for only means of communication with the outer world. I could also be a giant zombie dragon. Or a shrimp, but only on Wednesday. 
Or I could be a twenty- four year old girl, getting her master's degree in English literature (cuz I want people to call me Master), using Karianne Giard as her pen name, with French as her first language, that absolutely loves to read and write but has an hectic life so doesn't upload as often as she used to.
I'm from that specie that thinks they're always right and own everything and if anything or anyone disagrees we'll destroy them and pee on their ashes. Claude Gauvreau is a big inspiration, I mean, when I'm on acid. I don't think the Earth is in danger, I think the humans are. And I don't always make sense 'cause like Augustus Waters, my thoughts are stars I can't fathom into constellations.'

Word of the day : meek

Quote of the day: When madness climbs to the throne, who in the land escapes contagion?

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DO NOT ASK ME TO READ YOUR STORY. I would love to be able to but I simply don't have the time. Also, I don't follow for follow. Demands will be deleted, as simple as that. Don't ask me when I'll upload. I don't know either. And don't ask me to translate my stories. For now, I prefer to only have them in English.


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DarknessAndLight DarknessAndLight Feb 29, 2016 11:08AM
Hey guys!
            It's finally here! My Wattpad Block Party entry! Go check it out, leave comments, run in circles with your arms in the air and yell "BUNGALOW"! Go craaaaayzaaaaay! ;P
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