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put your records on by emmasgrant
put your records onby — 𝚌. ♡
[ 𝚎𝚝𝚑𝚊𝚗 𝚍𝚘𝚕𝚊𝚗 ] "girl put your records on, tell me your favorite song." in which maggie finds her lonely manhattan apartment a little less lonely wh...
Funny Vinyl Stickers by sudokuprintable
Funny Vinyl Stickersby Ashley Yeo
If you love Halloween and want some dark, spooky, and funny vinyl stickers, this is the correct category. There are so many designs available for you to choose from. Yo...
Vancouver flooring company by yaletownfloor
Vancouver flooring companyby Gia smith
We are flooring experts at Yale Town Floor you can find luxurious, warm, and timeless, hardwood flooring offers amazing visuals and an unbeatable underfoot feel. After a...
Mlp Derpy X Luna: M0re Than Gam3rs  by ArcticWolf48
Mlp Derpy X Luna: M0re Than Gam3rs by DuduIsBestGirl
(I DO NOT OWN THIS STORY, I SIMPLY RE-PUBLISHED IT ON WATPAD) Princess Luna and Derpy Hooves are best of friends and share a love of gaming. They play, they own, and the...
New Vinyl (A Draco Malfoy Story) by hplove490
New Vinyl (A Draco Malfoy Story)by hplove490
Forbidden. A word never sounded so sweet.
Bea & the Broken Record by wallxflowxer
Bea & the Broken Recordby wallxflowxer
{Editor's Choice 2019!} Asher Hawkins thought he had it all; a great band, great friends, great life. He couldn't have wanted anything more. It was when he broke his fa...
Vinyls ◌ Luke Hemmings by kiwilolli
Vinyls ◌ Luke Hemmingsby kiwi
every friday, she comes into the store to buy a vinyl, i couldn't help but think she was beautiful. -- short story
Sounds Of Summer | ✓ by awishgrantingfactory
Sounds Of Summer | ✓by awishgrantingfactory
❝Home is where the record player is.❞ ⌈ When Grace stumbles into the quaint record store one day, she doesn't just take home a new album. She starts to learn all about m...
I see you (წერის პროცესში) by Vinyl_1201
I see you (წერის პროცესში)by Vinyl_1201
21 წლის დეტექტივი ელენა იწყებს თავისი დღიურის წერას რომელიც მისი ცხოვრების სხვადასხვა ეტაპს აღწერს. ყველაფერი ჩვეულებრივ მიედინება, ბედნიერად და ისე როგორც თავად გეგმავს...
Dropouts Have More Fun by Cantrightnow
Dropouts Have More Funby Cantrightnow
Marley Birch, A.K.A., Mar, a vinyl obsessed teen, is forced to relocate to Hawkins, Indiana, the last place she wants to be during the summer of her life. Throughout her...
ისევ შევხვდებით by Vinyl_1201
ისევ შევხვდებითby Vinyl_1201
ჩანახატი ,,ზღვის სურნელის" ქროსოვერია. რა ხდებოდა ვასას თავში იმ დღეს როდესაც ისინი პირველად შეხვდნენ? რატო არ მივიდა გოგოსთან და არ გაეცნო? რატომ გაუჩინდარდა ორი...
Bitten 1, The First Awakening (an mlp fanfic) by TerminatedAccount
Bitten 1, The First Awakening ( (Terminated Account)
Their memories erased. Strange powers emerging. They may not survive this journey to someplace they have never been before, but they will try if they ever want to get ou...
პორტრეტი  by Vinyl_1201
პორტრეტი by Vinyl_1201
მხატვარს ყველაფერი ახსოვს, გარდა იმია თუ, როგორ ხმას გამოსცემს სამყარო... არც აქვს სურვილი გაიხსენოს. არც ლაპარაკი სურს, წლებია ხმა არ ამოუღია. მხოლოდ ზის, უყურებს ლამაზ...
duplicity album designs by thatsCrAzYmy_dude
duplicity album designsby 100%.Eroda.suger
Just because Album inspired by duplicity by happydays1d
Vinyl and Octavia city life a brony fan fiction by Not_Quite_Sane
Vinyl and Octavia city life a Jared Reaman
Vinyl scratch and Octavia have moved to manehaten To start a new life ;based off several previous Fan fictions including vinyl and Octavia university Days by Jon Roy sm...
მე და ,,ის" by Vinyl_1201
მე და ,,ის"by Vinyl_1201
მასში მე სიმშვიდე ვიპოვნე...
You (aftermath) by harleytote
You (aftermath)by Harley Tote
The aftermath of having someone you love, leave you. Love letters to someone who will never read them.
სიყვარულით შენი ბუზღუნა by Vinyl_1201
სიყვარულით შენი ბუზღუნაby Vinyl_1201
ბუზღუნა მისი საუკეთესო მეგობარი იყო, ეს სახელიც მან შეარქვა. ბუზღუნას უყვარდა მისი პატარა თავის ტკივილი. მაგრამ მისთვის თავის გრძნობებსა და მეგობრობაზე უფრო აღმატებული...
Not the Marrying Kind by sophanielsen
Not the Marrying Kindby Soph
Short Story: Inspired by the song "I'm Not the Marrying Kind" by Dean Martin
My Music Collection by -MoonMan-
My Music Collectionby American Idiot
Here's a little Book of my vinyl and Cd collection