Beautiful (Vanessa Moe/You) by MindlessPeculiar
Beautiful (Vanessa Moe/You)by Justine
Two girls are forced into hand with one another. Will love blossom or will hatred separate the two? But what if secrets kept hidden threaten to destroy a life that was m...
  • nessa
  • vanessamoe
  • girlxgirl
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Long Lost Love  by gillian62003
Long Lost Love by gillian62003
Highest rankings #1 in Lola #2 in Jayden #75 in humor #8 in heartbreak #25 in billionaire What happens when two rival families are joined by marriage to cover up a sc...
  • vanessa
  • babymama
  • arrangedmarriage
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A Colossus Love Story... by wolf646464
A Colossus Love Tori B.
She was also in the same place as Wade Wilson when he got his mutation. But when she entered the machine, she nearly broke it and gained more than one mutation. When the...
  • vanessa
  • negasonicteenagewarhead
  • deadpool
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Scorching avarice [R18+] by Shan_xin
Scorching avarice [R18+]by Lexin villanueva
Xavier De-vera
  • possessive
  • avarice
  • xavier
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Wooden Doll (Black Clover Story) by akiha-nee
Wooden Doll (Black Clover Story)by akiha-nee
A long journey has come to an end. She came back to where her last adventure started. A young girl with olive green hair got lost, stranded in the middle of nowhere, n...
  • leopold
  • magna
  • yuno
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As Long As You Smile by Izahfan
As Long As You Smileby Aizah Al Zeirah
"Kenapa gue yang harus menyaksikan orang-orang yang enggak peka ini?" - Vanessa - "Because seeing her smile is enough for me." - Stevan - "Pacar...
  • smile
  • nayla
  • teenfiction
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The Next Generation by chonishipper2903
The Next Generationby Briana garcia
this story is about the riverdale gang as parents (P.S I am going to use names from fortnite and some of my fav YouTubers)
  • yonder
  • drift
  • dire
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messy love. by ohn0harry
messy ohn0harry
"Love isn't always easy, it's something you have to work at. It's complicated and tragic and messy and beautiful and when you find the right person... it's worth it...
  • niallhoran
  • love
  • romance
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They Don't Have to Know by chadheet
They Don't Have to Knowby multi
A Graynessa Lovestory- Vanessa and Veronica are famous Youtubers known as the Merrell Twins but when Vanessa gets mad at Veronica for not spending time with her, she nee...
  • dolanmerrell
  • vanessa
  • dolan
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𝐏𝐋𝐔𝐓𝐎 -✧: ・。° Michael Langdon ( Coming soon ) by -renaissance
𝐏𝐋𝐔𝐓𝐎 -✧: ・。° Michael °。・:✧𝕽𝖔𝖘𝖎𝖊✧:・。°
❝ I tried being good but good didn't want me ❞ AMERICAN HORROR STORY - APOCALYPSE Michael Langdon x F!OC © -Renaissance
  • fern
  • robraco
  • langdon
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Black and white-BTS by lucerorlls
Black and white-BTSby Han Hyo Sang{tu patrona 7w7}
Desde que ellas comenzaron sus sueños comenzaron los problemas al reencontrarse con algunas personas 9 chicas y demasiados chicos-Resubida-2-12-18 NO lemon a menos que...
  • suga
  • jin
  • ruby
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Walt E. Disney High by QuestWing
Walt E. Disney Highby QuestWing
When the new girl, Moana Motunui, joins her new school, Walt E. Disney High, she learns what goes on behind your movie screens with your beloved Disney characters. She g...
  • frozen
  • disneyprincess
  • dreamworks
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A Trade Of Hearts by thedarkempress2123
A Trade Of Heartsby Tanya Jaiswal
|WINNER of Summer 2k18 Contest -- Chicklit| |25th October 2018- #04 in Billionaire| |20th December 2018- #39 in Heartbreak| ~~~ Vanessa Catherine Hudson, 24, is in the...
  • playboy
  • strongfemalelead
  • arrogant
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REVENGEby La Plume Écarlate
Plonger dans le désespoir, Vanessa décide de se venger des personnes qui l'harcèle depuis qu'elle est au collège. C'est la qu'elle fait la rencontre d'Andrew, un jeune...
  • ragots
  • suspense
  • action
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lockers by f4ngirl101
lockersby np1011
Vanessa was just trying to make it through 7th grade. Then, Ryan showed up. One-shot
  • ryanvanessa
  • ranessa
  • vanessa
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Ximena and Friends A little extra from Adventurous Tales from a Mountain Walk. by mikebowleyauthor
Ximena and Friends A little Mike Bowley
Hi, I am Mike, the author of Adventurous Tales from a Mountain Walk. I thought it would be great to introduce you to the heroines from the book. I asked them if they wou...
  • music
  • jimi
  • adventurous
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Accidental love by Kairan-Kun
Accidental loveby kízí íѕ hєrє
"I don't want to fight you... " "So do I, I want this to end.... I want this to end with...." "Our love? Yeah, no worries I love you too."...
  • rudy
  • eileen
  • dellon
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THE APP// bulied by why don't we//Zach Herron by WiktoriaBaran1
THE APP// bulied by why don't Wiktoria Baran
Hi i'm vanessa,i'm a normal girl i think and i get bulied by many people the worst of them all: Zach, Zach Herron. This story will tell about my sucks but now...
  • jonahmarais
  • hard
  • bullied
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Outside the Mirage by connermleach
Outside the Mirageby Conner M. Leach
A rogue journalist and an established special agent cross paths and begin a partnership to bring down all manner of supernatural and magical fiends and frights. New issu...
  • government
  • moreland
  • agents
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