I Sold Myself to the Devil for Vinyls... Pitiful I Know (59)

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I'm effing tired, this is all you're getting, yes it' s full of mistakes, deal with it.

I had a nice speech about parties but I'm going to do it for the next chapter!

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I spent the next morning sleeping.

I wasn't feeling so much like crap anymore. I mean I was usually really sick, but just the first day, and then I was better. But I was still worn out.

Dad told me I could have stayed all day but because I was a good student, well at least that's what I was telling myself, I didn't want to miss too much in a row and went to school in the afternoon.

Missing the morning and going to school in the afternoon is a weird feeling. It's like you missed a bunch of jokes and you're in an outside crowd or something. It was weird to explain, but it was a strange feeling.

Daph and Alex quickly spotted me, since I had texted them to tell them I would be coming to school in the afternoon.

For some reason, the way Daphnee was looking at me, I was worried for a second. Did she know about Blake? I hadn't told her, but I mean... she was much more observant than me. She had probably notice the fact that Blake wasn't at school for the rest of the day yesterday... I'm sure she guessed!!

And why the hell was I freaking over this? Because I mean who care if she knew I had spent all afternoon yesterday sleeping on Blake's lap?

Okay that sounded... not good? Well that actually sounded pretty nice... but not in the "everyone knows about it" type of thing.

The truth was, Daph was bound to make more little comments. I mean the girl basically had no censure what so ever when it came to those things! And I loved her and hated her for that...

"You feeling better?" she asked me.

"Ya sure..." I shrugged.

I mean I was feeling okay, still kinda woozy, but okay.

"When you'll finally finish that time machine, I hope you'll go in the future and bring that "Joy of being a girl" antidote! And then I want you to go in the past and tell Old-Me to just abandon the idea of working at the library cause Miss Pumpinjizzem is really becoming a huge pain in the ass!"

I burst laughing at that one, but then my eyes caught sight of Blake, at his locker speaking with Mark and Catherine... and that track team girl again! The one who had been laughing and touching his arm and all the other day!

Blake turned his head and saw me looking at him, and smiled the nice dimple smile, that made strange things to my stomach but I couldn't brush the thought away of the girl beside. Why the hell were they speaking together!?

"Emily and Blake make such a nice couple together, don't they?" Daph grinned beside me.

"Hmm?" I asked, confused a little.

Does she really mean that? Are they... are they really a couple?

No, no, of course they're not! I would have known right? He would have told me!!

"My god Lex, just breathe, I was just joking! You look like you're going to faint" Daph said mischievously.

"Just leave Kitty alone!" Alex interfered, looking up from his cellphone, texting as always "She's still feeling sick alright, give her a break" he sighed.

"I was just joking..." Daph mumbled and then the bell rang and we all headed towards our class.

Alex was walking in front, heading to Mrs. Muffin's class when a hand caught my arm.

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