Chapter Thirty Four

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Right in front of my eyes stood walls, complete freaking walls, at least twelve feet high, covered with vinyls.

"You should see your face right now" Blake laughed but I shushed him with my hand and then walked in.

How could there be so many vinyls? Honestly, it couldn't even be possible! So many vinyls couldn't have been record! Impossible!

In the middle of the room there were couch and a record player, but like the really old kind, with the big golden horn... My fingertips trailed lightly on it and then I looked around, almost spinning on me, you know like when Belle in Beauty and the Beast walks in the library... That's how I felt right now... This was just like a freaking fairy tale! For me that is...

"Was enduring me worth it now?" Blake chuckled, leaning against the side of the shelves at the door.

"Yes! Yes, yes, YES!!" I squealed, and then actually jumped up and down and rushed to the vinyls.

"So my dad puts them in alphabetical order with the artist name... You can pick everything, except the ones behind the glass that is" Blake trailed and then I turned and saw what he was talking about. There were two china cabinet, sort of, filled with vinyls in them.

I nodded to him and then turned back and stared in awe at what was in front of me.

How the hell would I choose? I mean just taking a few outs right now, I didn't even know who they were! I could never choose with so many possibilities that I didn't even know about!

"You look lost Pumpkin" Blake laughed beside me.

"Well there's a LOT of choice..." I whispered amazed.

"Let me help you... You still want that Billy Holiday one and Frank Sinatra?" Blake asked and walked towards another wall.

"Ya..." I answered sheepishly.

Would that be too much?

"Okay and then? What else?" Blake asked, taking on vinyl out, the Frank Sinatra one, with its brown cover and I almost squealed again.

Breathe Lexi...

"You have any suggestion?" I asked.

I mean the guy was bound to know everything good in here right?

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