I Sold Myself to the Devil for Vinyls... Pitiful I Know (63)

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Alright here it is! Sorry for the long wait! But ya... I'll be working a lot, it's the flower season, I'm needed! lol

Well, little rant before (more like BIG rant but whatever)

So I just love how yall jumped to the "he's dying" conclusion! lol

Not saying he isn't or he won't (cause technically we'll all die, well expect me cause I'm an alien and I regenerate and shit, it's nice really, minus the gooey thing but don't mind my self-rambling)

So ya... I'm all about details guys! And a kick in the face.. doesn't that hurt usually? lol

But hey I could be leading you guys into a wrong track all-together. You never know with me! MOUHAHAHA

Now to all my impatient little fans! I just love how so many of you are pleading for the kiss. Some of you are getting a little too impatient though. But see that thing is I have this theory where I believe that if you can't wait for anything you don't deserve it... and it might have rubbed off a little on my characters! But honestly not everybody just hooks up with the guy they think they like the second they can! I actually know people that it was just freaking obvious that they liked each other but even if they had a shot (this also applies to you È and that 15 minutes on Papa Bear's lap! MOUHAHA) never acted upon it! Why? Fear of rejection is a bitch! ;P And that brings us to another one of my theories ( I have QUITE a lot of those) and that's : fear and desire are irrevocably related. Now I could ramble for a while but I'm going to spare you! lol

But hey! Who's to say this one isn't it? Could totally be it! I mean why would I make you wait longer, that would just be mean of me, and when have I been mean with you guys? ;P MOUHAHAHAHA

Anyway, enjoy this I don't know when I'll upload again and I'd like to upload my other stories first cause I feel kinda cheap so ya... happy reading, sorry if it's short but I'm getting tired and I worked my butt off today! lol

Read, enjoy, comment and vote! :P

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I sat at my desk, my feet taping on the floor, controlling the urge to bite my nails.

"Don't forget to make hand gesture when you say I'm big, you know, about like this" Blake whispered beside me, making a space almost two feet long between his two hands, smirking.

I glared at him.

We were Monday afternoon, last period and were about to finally do the play in front of everyone.

Normally this wouldn't have affected me that much but for some reason I was scared shitless. I mean I was going in front of the class with Blake! Who's to say he wouldn't do something completely idiotic... and I was freaking going to have to say he's big in front of the whole goddamn class!

Okay maybe I was overreacting a bit?

But I was still analyzing and turning everything that had happened on Saturday night, trying to figured out what the hell was wrong with Blake, because there HAD to be something wrong with him right?

He hadn't gone in there just because he had swallowed paint right? He was hiding something. He had to be hiding something. Wasn't Blake always hiding something! That boy was so cryptic sometimes...

So if it wasn't just a "swallowing paint" deal what could it be? Was he REALLY freaking jacking off in the bathroom? Because that would be just wrong on so many levels! And I mean he wouldn't have been doing that right? RIGHT? Okay Blake was sick and deranged sometimes but he wasn't Clark or Shawn... I doubted he had been doing that... I mean could I really trust what Josh said?

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