I Sold Myself to the Devil... [EXTRA: Lexi&Alex's Break-Up Scene]

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Okay, so before you read this... Oh I'm kinda worried about this one.. lol.. Damn you È for not getting on MSN to proofread it!! Anyway.. ya.. that's a little treat for you guys (not sure you can call it that way though..:S) anyway I'm posting it because I think you guys deserve to know why Lexi and Alex broke up, and that way you might understand a few things more clearly! I'm also posting it because I want Lexi to be able to say things a little more up-front about their relation, I mean if you read carefully there a lot of evasivness about when they dated..

So, okay, you have to keep in mind that it happened like more than one year ago from where we're at in I Sold Myself, so of course Lexi had time to cool down and all...

And to all of you who already guessed it, round of applause for you ;P

So anyway, enjoy!! Oh and comment, I'd like to know your reaction! Oh and please don't freak!!

Lexi&Alex's Break-Up Scene

"Alex, we need to talk!" I told him, the second I walked in his room, not bothering to knock, but just walking in like I owned the place.

Alex walked out of his wardrobe, shirtless as always and left me breathless as always.

If only things could be as simple as that. If only I could just be content by staring at his really really hot body...

"Well well aren't you nice looking tonight Kitty?" Alex said with a half smile looking at me up and down.

"Right back at you. I think you have the perfect birthday suit!" I told him half smiling.

"Oww, perfect? Really?" Alex said smiling.

"Alright, I so not came earlier to talk about your nice bod" I said rolling my eyes.

"What for then?" he asked, absentmindedly, going through his closet.

"Alex..." I started to say but then the words got caught up in my throat.

How could I say this, how could I explain this without sounding like a stupid slut?

Alexander turned around and then looked at me frowning.

"What's wrong?" he asked his voice southing.

Okay, so I'm his girlfriend, I should be able to say this, to state this easily I mean...

But the words wouldn't come and then I just kept staring at him, staring at Alexander who was my closest friend beside Vanessa, who I had a crush on for has long as I could remember, Alex who was my boyfriend now, and who was shirtless and so dang hot...

So instead I just did what I wanted to do and walked up to him, grabbed him around the neck and kissed him. I kissed him like there was no tomorrow.

I could feel him frowning against my face, but I didn't care, I just kept kissing him, my fingers tangling in his hair, pressing our bodies together, while tottering back towards his bed.

But deep inside I knew it was useless, I could already feel it, or more like not feel it. But my lips were still more and more demanding, almost fighting with his.

When the back of my knees touched the side of his bed I let myself fall, bringing Alex down with me. He stopped himself from squishing me, putting his hands on both of my sides and then for a tiny second, I actually believed that I might have been wrong, and that I had just been freaking out for no good reason, and that everything was alright and so before this moment stopped, before this sudden change of habit disappeared, I wrapped one of my legs around his waist, as one of my hands ran over his hard and muscular chest, slowly trailing down his stomach.

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