I Sold Myself to the Devil for Vinyls... Pitiful I Know (82)

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So, yes I know finally. Blah blah blah. I’m not going to waste space to try to explain that I have a life and college is extra time consuming and that I probably jeopardized my grades by writing this and that half of you would cry like little girls if you had my schedule! I’m seriously getting tired of explaining this. 0_0 I’m pretty sure I’m failing my class tomorrow actually. Lovely.

Oh, I think I should do this though. No underage drinking, alright kids? Listen to your mommy. Drinking is baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad! Space monkeys will try to eat your brain if you drink before the legal age! 0_0 Yes there might be underage drinking here, but hey, don’t do what my characters do. Blake and Lexi are a bit dumb sometimes! ;P (Oh and technically Blake is of legal drinking age at 18 in Québec, where I live, so suck it! ;P) But ya… You can have a lot of fun without alcohol! Alright? Got it? Yes? You suuuuuuuure?

Hmm.. aside form this, well here you go, Blake’s birthday party. I think a lot of you have been waiting for this one! lol I’m not perfectly happy with it but heck it’s 3:34AM and mommy needs her beauty sleep before getting up at 7AM. Oh and for those who wonder, I still have like 15 chapters worth of material to write for this story.

So anyway, ENJOY!

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I took another deep breathe, my hand on the car door, looking out the window, my other hand fiddling with my curls.

“If you don’t get out of the car, I’m kicking you out. Or better yet I’ll drag you by the feet, now that ought to be a nice scene,” Josh grinned, pushing me on the shoulder.

I narrowed my eyes at him.

After our talk in the park, he had brought me home and I had started to mentally freak though I preferred considering it as mentally prepare. What would I tell Blake? Should I kidnap him or something to force him to listen to me? And if I did go to his birthday should I get him a present? What should I wear? 

Every year Blake’s birthday party was a big celebration. Of course, seeing I had been freaking out all week I hadn’t been listening to the lunch time gossiping about it, so on Thursday that’s when I learned what had been prepared this year; the party was at the guest house on Blake’s parent property because they didn’t want anyone to have the possibility to leave the place and drive while drunk.

I knew exactly why they wouldn’t want something like that to happen…

So with that in mind, on Thursday night I had gone shopping for something decent to wear dragging Daph and Alex with me, blurring everything I had been bottling up all week long. For some reason I felt a bit bad by spending time with Alex, with the whole burst out Blake had on me about him… I mean I knew the details but Blake didn’t and I’m sure it would hurt Blake to know I was with Alex right now… Ugh. Things would be so simple if Blake could know the truth about this, but I would never force Alex to say anything and I wouldn’t say anything either because friends wouldn’t do that… but it still sucked.

And Blake wasn’t really in a position to judge with the whole Kendal thing. I was trying to be understanding and all because Josh was right and because Blake was hurting but it didn’t mean I had completely forgotten about it.

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