Chapter Eighteen

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"BLAKE," I started to yell with everyone, which was completely useless, you know, because if he was drowning or unconscious underwater I doubted he could answer us...

We all swam towards the spot where Blake had fallen.

I went underwater, opening my eyes and looked around me.

What an idiot!? Hadn't I said something like that would happen!? What the hell had he been thinking!?

If he wasn't dead I would kill him!

I was out of air so I kicked myself up to the surface and looked again around me.

"BLAKE," everyone kept yelling, and Mark was swimming towards the rocky bank, climbing on it, to get a better look of the place I guess...

"Blake it's not funny," I yelled, and took a deep breath to dive under again.

"Well, I personally think it is," the voice we had all been waiting for yelled and we turned our head slightly back to the left, where there was a sharp rocky hill and small water trees growing everywhere on it and there he was, sitting on top, looking at us laughing.

"YOU FREAKING IDIOT," I yelled and everyone else was also cursing him.

"What the fuck's wrong with you?" Dwayne screamed, still dog paddling.

"You should have seen yourselves." Blake said and then held his hands higher on his side, flapping them, mimicking the face of some hysterical girl "Blake! BLAKE! BLAAAKEEE!" and then burst laughing even more.

"You're dead douche bag," I yelled and swam towards him.

Blake, still laughing, dove into the water, from the rocky hill and raced away from the furious crowd he now had against him.

Ya... I was not chasing after that asshole! I'd get back at him another way for scaring the living crap out of me!

"He really is an idiot sometimes..." Alex said swimming beside me.

"Sometimes? I'm telling you, I'm going to strangle him at some point!"

"Well, looks like Kitty's taking her claws out!" Alex laughed.

"He almost gave me a freaking heart attack!"

"I tend to do that to woman, you know with my breathtaking hotness and all," I heard Blake scream from afar and then laugh, and like, he was laughing a lot!

That's it! He's going down!

I raced after him. He wasn't going as fast as the other time. Might have something to do with his hysterical laughing causing him to swallow water...

Anyway, I was almost catching up with him but then we were reaching the deck and well, something you should know about that deck of ours... we don't have a ramp or a scale or anything... we might have been a little lazy when we built it, anyway, the only way to get on the deck from the water, is pulling yourself up with the deck. Now I don't know if you ever tried to do that when there's a little more than one foot of distance from the water to the deck, but you need arm muscle. And it slows you down if you don't.

Blake didn't really have that problem, seeing he's that all-muscular-and-well-shape-football-player type, but I kinda did.

So when I reached the deck, Blake had all but rolled himself on it and was waiting for me with a smirk.

I scowled at him and grabbed the edge of the deck, pulling myself up but Blake pushed my head down, to the water.

But I wasn't giving up just yet.

So I pulled myself up again, and then as quick as I could, grabbed Blake ankle.

He wasn't ready for that, and as I pulled, he fell backward on the deck. I took advantage of this and heave myself out of the water.

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