Chapter Thirty Eight

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When I had fallen asleep in Ty's bed I hadn't thought about the fact that I wouldn't be woken up by my alarm clock.

And so, as usual, dad was the one waking us up.

Frankly, he didn't look so eager to have gotten out of bed either and I wouldn't have expected any less.

"Come on kids, chop chop! You have school!" he said and then walked away, and I could hear him going down the stairs.

I turned around to face Ty and gave him a hopeful smile.

"Don't make that face Lex, I'm alright you know..." Ty trailed and got out of his bed.


"Please, can we just not talk about it right now? Or ever for that matter..." he answered me and then closed his bathroom door behind him.

I sighed heavily and got up too making my way downstairs to fix myself some breakfast and then get ready to go to school.

"So, you're going to go to work looking like that?" I asked my dad teasingly, stopping beside him, in front of the coffee pot.

"I'm taking the day off... Going to go hit the green with Anthony actually, he's not working today..." he trailed, scratching his head and yawning.

"Well that's a good thing" I smiled.

Dad needed a friend right now. I mean I knew he needed us too, but he needed carefree moments... 

"Less talking more breakfast cooking!!" Ty yawned behind me and then I rolled my eyes and got the eggs.

And just like that our morning ritual fell back into step, like yesterday hadn't happened.


Moving on?

I couldn't tell but for some reason I wanted to settle on the latter...

As usual, I found myself running in the end, and shouting at Ty to get in the car already cause we would be late and then drove to school, breaking the speed limit law.

Ty wasn't saying one word and didn't even try to change my CD playing.

That didn't sound good.

I would need to do something about it. I would have to call Vanessa... I'm sure she could miss a few days of school to come here. We could make something up, I'm sure the school could use her for a singing thingy... that would be a good excuse! And then Ty could see her, work things out with her maybe, or at least have her around for a few days... That would make him happy.

I'm sure Vanessa wouldn't complain, she'd pretty much enjoy it actually!

I'd have to find a way to make that work... maybe Blake could help me convince the principal or something...

It was almost weird to think about the fact that Blake could actually help me now, that I was close enough with him that it wouldn't feel weird...

For some reason it made me smile...

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