I Sold Myself To The Devil For Vinyls... Pitiful I Know (48) [Part 1]

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Okay guys so this is the first part, my usual ranting will be in the next one that should come out as soon as I can type it.. two hours maybe.. maybe more.. sorry, it's going to be long..

Oh and the song I put there, that's because I was looking for new stuff and then remembered them, and I decided to encourage a local group! They should thank me, now they're going to have plenty of people listening to their stuff all around the world ;P And I like it and it kinda fits... So listen people, listen!!

So read, enjoy, vote and comment! :D

(Oh and I haven't double checked it.. so ya.. might be bad.. lol)

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When I woke up in the morning, last night events kept replaying in my head.

Maybe it really was a good thing for me to be away from Blake for a few days... it could help me clear up my head, and try to not become some obsessive groupie, like I was turning into...

I sat up in my bed, and looked at the bag I had packed last night, and was just waiting for me to pick up and leave.

But first I had to go to school.

So I got up, and walked to Ty's bedroom to wake him up.

Half an hour later, I parked at school, and then Ty was going his way, to see his friends and I was walking towards a smiling Alex.

"Well someone looks happy" I smiled, while making my way, side by side with him inside the school halls.

"Well I'm happy" Alex said, smiling even more.

"Do I want the details?" I chuckled a little and stopped in front of my locker.

"Oh please! What are you imagining?" he laughed "We sort things out... you know, talked..."

"And he really does like you right?" I said, trying to keep my voice down, but still happy, because I was.

"Ya..." Alex half smiled, his gaze dropping like a little girl with a school crush.

"Aww! Look at you!!" I laughed and pinched his cheek "Papa bear's in love"

"Don't rub it in Kitty!" Alex chuckled a little, pushing my shoulder playfully.

"You're too cute!" I smiled as I took my books out and closed my locker.

We were walking to our class when I saw Daphnee practically skipping to us "MY PIMP!!" she said pointing Alex "I'm going to need you to come to the flea market with me on Sunday! I'm going to make that hot guy selling canvas jealous and then freaking drag him in the back alley!! It's pissing me off that he's always..." she started to rant, making me laughed but then my thoughts were elsewhere dragged.

Blake was in front of his locker and a girl from the track team was speaking with him, but like laughing more than necessary and purposely touching his arm, and smiling like an idiot.

I scowled a little.

And I wanted to punch myself for that, because that was simply pathetic. I mean come on! He could talk with whoever he wanted, and it wasn't because he was laughing too that he was going to drag her in a seminar... right?

I didn't want him to do that...

Oh god...

Snap out of it, freaking snap out of it Lexi! You always hang out with guys! That doesn't mean anything! So it doesn't have to mean anything for him too!!

"Earth to Lexi!" Daphnee said, snapping her fingers in front of my face "Stop picturing the hot running back naked and answer my question!"

"I'm sorry, what was the question?" I frowned.

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