Satan's adopted daughter (#wattys2018) by WriterAnonymouss
Satan's adopted daughter ( WriterAnonymous
When Satan finds an abandoned baby she will change everything between him and God. Being raised around that shapes the young baby in unimaginable ways. Join her in her j...
  • girl
  • devil
  • wattys2018
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Lucifer's obsession  by _malalala_
Lucifer's obsession by Malalala
I want y'all to know that this is (+18) with strong language and sexsssss and if y'all looking for kinky stuff than uhhhhhh... nice...? Mkay so here's a little sneak...
  • fear
  • queen
  • heaven
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She Owns The Devil √ by Debby0C
She Owns The Devil √by xXBabeeeeXx
COMPLETED √ _________________ Adam Evans, a perfect, and hardcore millionaire, meets his best friend's shy little sister who had turned into a breathtaking young woman...
  • revenge
  • rejection
  • featured
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Angel Academy by kutekittykat8265
Angel Academyby Chris Kelly
Luciana Morgenstern is an extremely rare species, with her father a Dark Angel, her mother a Light Angel, she is a hybrid. The High Council is a group of powerful Angels...
  • bullied
  • kutekittykat8265
  • angel
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The Devil's Mate by gottabeme123
The Devil's Mateby Jane
He's been looking for her for over ten thousand millenniums, he wants her, he needs her and he won't wait for another second to get her. Victoria Jane Heavenly is your a...
  • god
  • human
  • romance
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The Angel's Devil by Quinn_Btchs
The Angel's Devilby Quinn_Btchs🌸
Elena Miller, The girl that everyone loves because of her innocence and naiveness. Elena is the type of girl that doesn't know how to be 'scared' , in other words She do...
  • mafia
  • devil
  • goodgirl
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Married to The Devil's Son  by JazzwomanRead
Married to The Devil's Son by Jazzmine
A prince, rumored to be son of the Devil. He is the definition of Danger. He is the Darkness itself. A princess. Imprisoned in her own home, only to come out once she ge...
  • romance
  • historical
  • princess
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Return of The Devil's Son by JazzwomanRead
Return of The Devil's Sonby Jazzmine
He is back! This time fiercer, faster and stronger, with only one thing in mind. Revenge! Prince of Darkness, Son of the Devil, Lucian is back and he has only one thing...
  • warrior
  • king
  • demon
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Mask by TASseDeTea
Maskby تَسْنِيْم
A special girl. A girl who hasn't seen her own face in ten years. The girl in the Mask. --- The sons of some of the most powerful beings: Son of Cupid Son of the...
  • erlking
  • wattys2018
  • eros
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The Devil's Lover (boyxboy demonic) *AVAILABLE on Amazon [√] by kin0monogatari
The Devil's Lover (boyxboy L & Kino
Previously known as 'I'm Sorry but I'm All Out of Nice' Nerd? Yes. Bullied? Yes. Depressed? Yes. Gay? Yes. Combining all four, Trance Wilson's school life had been a liv...
  • cycle
  • demonic
  • psychotic
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The Devil's Bride by TriciaDehler
The Devil's Brideby Trish L.D
On Petrina Malazzo's eighteenth birthday, she expected to die by the hands of the Devil, but instead a marriage contract slides in front of her. "We are flawed hum...
  • groom
  • forcedmarriage
  • agegap
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Devil's Mate by werewolvesden
Devil's Mateby Mur Mur
Dante is always known as the perverted playboy half demon, so what happens when he feels this undeniable pull towards one woman. What will happen whenever he figures out...
  • demonmate
  • cry
  • lovestory
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When the devil meets the angel  by columqueen
When the devil meets the angel by columqueen
Devon One of the most corrupted souls on earth. He smokes He drinks He fights He has anger issues It's rare to see him smile People call him the devil Ray One of th...
  • innocent
  • wattpadromance
  • loss
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Satan's Little Helper by thetruthinourlies
Satan's Little Helperby syd.
It all started with a harmless little wish. Now, Christie is stuck in Hell. Now, Christie has a new job; to kill, to murder, and to torture. Now, Christie is Satan's Lit...
  • demons
  • azazel
  • lucifer
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The Good In Diavolo✔ by fatii227
The Good In Diavolo✔by Fatima Saleem
❝Everyone has good in them, for even the devil was once an angel.❞ ••• ▪HIGHEST RANKING #7 IN #ANGEL▪ Brooklyn, a normal girl trying to make it in life. One encounter wa...
  • kidnapped
  • fatii227
  • featured
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The Demon King by -infrared
The Demon Kingby -infrared
Demon /ˈdiːmən/ He was a demon He was a king He was seen as evil. But he bowed down to her, his dilectus (beloved) - She was a human She was an angel She was a queen ...
  • obsessive
  • queen
  • love
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My Daddy, The Devil by abby-the-dorkasaur
My Daddy, The Devilby Dorkasaurus-Rex
~|~Highest Rank: 1 In Self-Mutilation For Some Reason, 108 In Romance, & 11 In Love Story~|~ 17 year old Arabella has been in foster care ever since her parents 'died'...
  • daddykink
  • gerardway
  • danger
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an angel and the devil  by atinyhedgehog_
an angel and the devil by 🍬
In which an angel is sacrificed to the devil for peace between heaven and hell.
  • love
  • sweet
  • shortstory
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Deep In My Veins by amoure22
Deep In My Veinsby 🥀Aмσυr/Bℓυє/Aaron🌙
"Only a vampire can love you forever," Grayson whispered against my ear. The shiver that went down my spine was exhilarating. "Let me love you forever...
  • devil
  • vampire
  • gaylove
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