I Sold Myself To The Devil For Vinyls... Pitiful I Know (45)

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New chapter! As promised! And longer! :P

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Oh and little notice ****I do not own the rights to Victor Hugo's Hernani's play nor to Pierre Bedard's translation of it, the version used in this chapter. It is strickly used as way of entertainment and no copyrights infringements were intended.****

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The rest of the day went down easily, well more like boring... Trig shouldn't exist. Period.

"So do I come to your place straight after I drop Tyler?" I asked Blake after the last bell, making my way to my locker to drop my things and then leave.

"You know what, give me an hour and then you can come over" Blake answered after thinking about it for a bit.

"What? Do you have to hide the dead bodies?" I snorted, opening my locker.

"No worries, burned them all" he just smirked.

I rolled my eyes and slapped his arm, but still, that answer wasn't enough. He seriously had to stop being so freaking cryptic all the time!

"Honestly!?" I asked him, while we walked in the halls to the exit.

"Listen to you, so obsess with me." Blake smirked and I scowled.

But he still didn't answer and I was still pissed.

Damn it! What was it with him and this inability to give clear and precise answers for other question than sexually related things?

"See you in one hour!" Blake shouted behind him, that arrogant grin still plastered on his face and then got in his car and drove away.

Annoying prick!

Maybe I didn't enjoy his presence so much...

Ya probably not...

"Come on Lexi!! Stop staring at nothing and move your butt!!" Ty yelled beside my car, his voice playful, and I rolled my eyes and walked to it, but smiled a little at the same time.

Ty was back...

I drove home fast and then headed to my room, settling on cleaning it to pass time before going to Blake's.

After picking up a few shirts off the floor the front door bell rang.

"I'm on it!!" I yelled even though I knew there was no way in hell Ty would answer the door anyway, stupid kid was too lazy, and then ran down the stairs to the entry.

I opened the door and smiled when I saw Alex's waiting patiently.

"Why did you just walk in and scream "Papa Bear's home!" ?" I asked, chuckling.

"Oh well... I didn't know... I mean I wasn't sure if you'd want to see me..." Alex trailed, his eyes holding the same worried look they had all day.

I rolled my eyes at that. When would he just stop worrying and actually realize I was completely fine with the situation?

"What are you talking about? Come on! I'm cleaning up my room" I told him and climbed the stairs, in front.

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