I Sold Myself to the Devil for Vinyls... Pitiful I Know (62)

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Hey guys! Sorry long wait, I'm killing you blah blah blah! ;P I've REALLY been busy! Final exams guys! FINALS!! And there was the proof reading deal and I don't know... it just didn't feel good enough... still doesn't... oh well...

So first thing first, no I didn't come up with EVERYTHING Josh says, I'm stupid but my brain as limits alright so if you've heard some of his remarks before well go get yourself a cookie! ;P

Now also... I'm putting a warning here, what Josh says is not what I think alright? So if you get offended by what he says don't start a rant on how a bad person I am!

Also, this time we have German guys! lol Might be crap though, È's family's from Kassel, my other friend who speaks it is from Switzerland so ya... different German... so if I completely screwed it up, feel free to laugh at my expense! ;P German is hard alright! lol

And THANKS to bhouchen for the AWESOME song "I Gotcha" by Joe Tex which you will see in this chapter! :P Again THANKS!!!

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I was sitting in my car, the engine still running, wearing my old jeans with plenty of holes and a baggy yellow t-shirt, asking myself for the hundredth time if this was a joke or I had gotten the address wrong or Josh really lived here.

Because frankly, the building I was parked in front looked... oh god it looked like Tyler's house in Fight Club...

Was he seriously living here? Didn't the guy have money? I mean he didn't have to be loaded to not live in a shithole like this, sorry the language but that was just what it is was!

Or maybe he had given me a wrong address. I mean that something that guy could do, I'm pretty sure of it... with the stories he told about Blake's childhood...

And then I thought "Oh god! They're going to make me do graffiti on that building aren't they?"

That sounded just like them, oddly JUST like them...

I was still gripping my steering wheel tightly when I started to hear sound... like shouting outside...

I opened my window and looked out, towards the building and to my deep disappointment Josh's head was sticking out a window.

"YOU PLAYING SPY!?" he was shouting.

"I'm really at the right place!?" I screamed back, still a little shocked.

"No shit Sherlock! Come on! Are you going to wait in your car or come in!" he screamed back.

I sighed heavily, closed my eyes for a second and then stopped the engine and got out of my car, triple checking the door locks.

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