I Sold Myself to the Devil for Vinyls... Pitiful I Know (83)

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Forgive me Readers for I have sinned. It’s been over two months since my last upload…


Okay, sorry I know this isn’t laughing material but whatever. HERE IT IS! The LONG awaited chapter 83! Woot woot!

This chapter goes out to those of you who were kindly patient and not mean or rude or overly demanding. It’s with the thought of you guys that I kept writing, because you deserved it. You guys rock and I love you! Thaaaaaanks!


Hope you enjoy this, if not, well sorry! lol


Mommy’s gotta go sleep now… it’s almost 2AM and she works at 8AM. For 9 hours. -_- Like she did today and every other day of the week. I’m honestly tired of working. Ugh. Screw the money, I wanna sleep! 0_0 Excuse the mistakes, as always, time isn’t my friend and my bed is calling me… very loudly!


Happy reading!

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My head is going to explode.

That was the first thought, the only thought I had waking up. My head is going to explode.

There was a definite pounding in both of my temples, pulsing with every heart beat and to add to my misery my sinus were killing me, making me feel all stuffed up.

Why am I feeling like crap again?

I don’t know how long it took me to realize what had lead to the painful pounding and the nausea too, because yes I felt like puking, like if I moved I would hurl, like everything was spinning—at least to slightly remedy to that problem I slid a foot out of the bed and pressed it against the ground, making me feel steady somehow. But it was the wrong floor—not my floor—and it’s at that point that I realized why I was feeling like crap.

Blake. Birthday party. Drinking. Lots of drinking…

Oh god…

What had I done exactly?

Very slowly I opened one eyelid, to assess the situation. One good thing was that there wasn’t a lot of light flashing in my eyes because that wouldn’t have helped for the whole throbbing in my head thing. And not to my biggest surprise, I wasn’t in my room, of course, but I was in Blake’s.

Again, oh god…

I closed my eye. I didn’t want to open them, I didn’t want to wake up or think or use any kind of rational part of my brain I just wanted to pass out or something and not feel like crap anymore.

Whatever had happened last night didn’t—

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