Chapter Twenty Five

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And so the frenzy continues! ;P

Alright guys, so here's the next one. So I wasn't sure about a few things in here... but I think it'll be alright... I'm sure you guys will enjoy it quite a lot.. I wrote this one for you guys. :P

So this one goes to all of you who'll read this and enjoy it! :P

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Oh and the video there is "Kiss with a Fist" by Florence and the Machine and I just love this song and basically listen to it every time I write this story, because I think it's the perfect song to describe Blake and Lexi! ;P So listen to it! :P

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The first thing I thought when I woke up was "Shit I fell asleep," the second was "There's another one of those fucking ladybugs on my arm," because something was tickling my arm.

It wasn't rare for one of those stupid stinky insect to do that. Our house was always invaded by them when the weather started to cool. It freaked Vanessa every time she came. And I mean I know usually people are all "Oh ladybugs are so cuuuute!"

No people they are not.

They stink actually! If you touch them and "scare" them, they freaking piss on you some yellow thingy that honestly disgust me and freaking stink! There's not a lot of liquid, but they don't need that much to actually give the stench away. So it's disgusting. And I hate them! Especially when I'm like drawing and one of those stinking idiots walk on my paper and I have to carefully snatch it away quickly so it doesn't pee on my sheet.

I slowly opened my eyes, getting ready to give a good flick and hopefully kill the ladybug but instead I gasped in surprise.

Alright, why the hell does things like that keep happening lately?

"What the hell are you doing?" I asked Blake, who was standing by my bed a pen in his hand, my voice flat.

I think I'm getting use to his constant stalkiness... this is bad...

"I'm improving your arms," Blake answered smirking, and then I raised my hand and looked at my forearm.

It was covered with writing like "I heart Blake", "Blake my hero", "Blake rocks my world", "Blake #1 fan" or "Blake is my God".

"This is getting into a problem," I told him, scowling, while sitting up in my bed.

"Hey, it was that or something disgusting like peeing in your face; if I were you I'd be thankful. And I didn't even write anything in your face... or maybe I did..." Blake smirked.

That bastard!

Please tell me he didn't!! I thought as I got out of my bed in a rush and darted to my mirror.

"Good lord, Blake, NEVER scare me like that again," I breathed when I saw that my face was fine and un-inked.

"It's all your fault Pumpkin. You have only yourself to blame. I told you I'd pick you up at two, it's like fifteen past two now," Blake said, shaking his head. "You brought this on yourself," he smirked.

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