Chapter Thirty Six

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New chapter!!

Sorry for the long wait; school, social life, sleeping (barely) and I got sidetracked tonight, was in a real crappy mood while writing this in the beginning actually because of one of the many dickheads in my life but Papa Bear made it all alright :D

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I drove fast back home.

The sun was just at the wrong level, blinding my sight, but I didn't slow down and finally I parked in the familiar drive way.

What would I be walking in to? I really hoped it wouldn't be a drunken dad crying... cause I don't think I could handle that.

The very few times I had seen my father cry, it wasn't something easy to see, because, for one thing, my dad didn't deserve that, and also because my dad wasn't mean to cry, my dad was meant to smile and laugh and make jokes.

In a way, I wanted to walk slowly to the door, but my legs almost ran to it, because I needed to be there.

I didn't even have to open the door, Tyler did it for me; he had probably been waiting.

"How bad is it?" I whispered to him, slipping out of my shoes.

"He's down to half the bottle now and he's at the tape from our trip to Cocoa Beach when Annabelle tried to convince that surfer that she was just as cool because she rocked snowboarding, which we all know she doesn't, but that's not the point right now..." Ty trailed walking slowly by my side towards the living room where I could hear the voices of all my family...

"Come on mom! Come swimming! You know you're the best!" I was whining.

"Go with the kid Heather! Show all these young ones how we do it!" my father laughed, behind the camera.

"Lexi!! You are blocking my sun! You and your shadow can go to... OUUUU cute guy!! I'm outta here" Anna said and then I could see the screen of the TV and I could see my sister with her ebony hair and perfect tan, brushing the sand off her legs and walking towards whoever she had seen.

"Mom, mom, mom, mom, mom, mom, please, mom, mom, mom, please, please, mom..." Tyler was repeating over and over again beside my mother who was lying on her beach towel, wearing the smile I hadn't seen on her face for so long.

My eyes tear up.

"Alright, alright kids. Come on! First that gets in the water can throw your father in the ocean!" she yelled and then ran on the beach, my brother and I with her.

"Heather!!!" my father yelled, laughing.

I could feel a lump in my throat.

Why was he watching that? Why was he scratching the wound? He was just making things worst...

"Dad?" I asked and walked towards him.

"I remember that year we had arrived around two in the morning, and all the motels had no vacancy signs... We couldn't find anywhere to go and parked in the nice road close to the ocean, with the big house probably worth millions..."

"And Ty had to pee so he went on the million dollars properties, beside a palm tree and you follow his lead few minutes later..." I continued smiling, while my dad paused the tape.

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