Chapter Twenty

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Okay, so I wanted to make this one longer, but I don't know, I like how it ended.. :P And I'm sure you guys are happy to have a little something to read :P

So anyway, enjoy you guys! It's my last post in 2009, cause yes, I'm still in the other decade... lol

So read, enjoy, vote and comment!! Well mostly comment... I love comments :D

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I was still sitting in my camping chair, stunned, when Alex came back, with two hot dogs for me.

But all I could think about was what the hell is wrong with Blake... because there had to be something wrong right? I mean why the hell would he have such sad eyes for no reasons? Or maybe he was just trying to make me feel bad... ya that's something he'd probably do...

"There you go Kitty," Alex said, handing them to me, snapping me out of my thinking.

I thanked him absentmindedly, still trying to figure out why the hell would Blake act like that.

"What's wrong?" Alex asked me, sitting back in his chair.


"You have something on your mind."

"Ya, well... I think I might have said something wrong... does Blake get offended easily?" I asked frowning.

"What do you mean?" he asked, before taking a big bite from his hamburger.

"I don't know... I think I said something mean and now Blake's mad at me..."

"And that's a problem because?"

"I don't like having people mad at me, you know that!"

"Ya well, you kinda worked for it you know... Half of the time you speak with him, you insult him. That was bound to bite you back at some point," Alex chuckled.

"Hey! It's not like he's a gentlemen either, I mean please he turns everything into sexual innuendos and is always using freaking pick up lines!"

"Ya but he's not telling you "you're an ass" every two seconds."

"Whose side are you on, young man?" I exclaimed, turning to look at him fully.

"Fine, be like that," Alex laughed, shaking his head and rolling his eyes.

"I hate you," I mumbled and laid back in my chair

"No, you love me because you know I'm right," Alex said with a half smile.

"No, no, I'm pretty sure I hate you..." I pouted.

Alex just laughed and ruffled my hair, but I slapped his hand away.

"Aww, don't get mad at me Kitty. I mean I still love you even though you're a meany. That should count for something," he chuckled.

I raised my head, looking at the still blue sky, breathing in and out slowly.

The truth was I wasn't mad at Alex, I was more like mad with myself. I mean what the hell had I done wrong again?

I ate the rest of my food in silence, listening to everyone conversation around me, but not really listening at the same time.

When I was finished, I looked around, trying to find Blake, so I could go see him to understand what the hell was wrong with him I guess, or at least try to apologize...

"Do you know where Blake went?" I asked Alex, interrupting his conversation with Connor about how hot their asses looked in their spandex football pants.

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