Chapter Two

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Chapter Two

"No... no... aww maybe... no... no... Hell NO! No... no... Now if you wear that I'm going to take you right now on the floor..."

           Alex and I were going through every single piece of clothes I had. The floor of my mini-walk-in closet—well more like janitor mop closet size actually—was covered with shirts and skirts and dresses.

           The last dress I had showed him that had earned the take you on the floor comment was a black lace corset type of dress which was in my mind way too revealing, and a hand-down from my sister Annabelle who had a few too many floozy episodes with it. It was like completely see through and there was no way in hell I was wearing that in a public restaurant, ever. My sister wore it to get into clubs when she was still underage. She used to call it her Fake ID

           "All talk, no action..." I trailed off and put the dress back on the hanger.

           I had a hard time looking at him, sitting in the middle of all my clothes without bursting into laughter.

           Earlier, he had decided to put on my pink tube shirt and it looked like it was going to explode off his muscular chest.

           "Is that an invitation?" he crooned with a wicked grin.

           I gave him a seductive smile and started to crawl on the floor towards him making growling sounds.

           "Lexi the Kitty is baaaad," I informed him in a sexy voice and tried to purr.

           And then when I lunged at him, he rolled away laughing and I landed in a pile of clothes.

           Alex grabbed me around the waist, swung me over his shoulder, walked back in my room and let me drop on my bed.

           "Lexi the Kitty is in trouble," he informed me grinning.

           I frowned looking up at him. "I thought you said you would take me on the floor."

           "Well you aren't wearing the dress, are you?" 

           "I mean, I want to look slutty but not that slutty," I stated.

           "We'll find something. Now for your punishment..." he started but when he moved towards me the pink tube tore completely.

           "SHIT," Alex exclaimed while looking at the big rip on his side.  

           "You ruined my top you moron," I whined in a fake hurt tone. I didn't really like that top. It didn't make my boobs look big enough. That was the bane of being part of the small-titties-club.

           "Hey kids, anybody there," a voice asked downstairs.

           My father was home.

           "Yeah dad! We're in my room," I yelled back.

           I got up from the bed when my father walked in.

           "Well, well if it isn't Alexander wearing Lexi's clothes again," my dad laughed.

           "And he tore it," I added.

           My father ignored that comment and frowned at me. "Where's your brother?"

           I tried not to roll my eyes. My father was out of it sometimes. "Soccer practice, he has a game tonight."

           "Oh right..." dad nodded. "So what were you kids up to," he asked when he saw the mess in my wardrobe.

           Alex grinned. "Trying to find a slutty dress for Lexi!"

           "Well, clean up afterwards," my father answered and left.

           Yeah, that was my dad. He could have walked in the middle of an orgy and just say something like, "Be sure to use a condom kids!"

           "Alright, what more have you got in this closet of yours," Alex asked.

           "We haven't even seen half of it yet..." I groaned and sighed.

           I needed to meet my mom in one hour and I still didn't have a dress.

           "Maybe we should go shopping..." I whined.

           "No, no, we don't have time, let's just stop looking randomly... Let's be more methodical about this. First, do you have any slutty dress," Alex asked.

           "Well, you've seen the black see-through one!"

           "I mean that you are willing to wear!"

           I tried to think about it but it was kind of hard with so many clothes I didn't even remember about.

           "What about that dress you had made for the theme party last spring," he asked me.

           Last spring, some rich kid had planned this whole party, Vegas-style. Everyone had to show up wearing something appropriate for the circumstance.

           I had my sister make me a dress for it. It was red, with a line of button in front, strapless, down to middle of my thigh and made my boobs look twice as big. Annabelle was to blame on that one too. Apparently a baggy t-shirt with a something witty written on it and jeans with holes wasn't appropriate for the circumstances.

           I would just like to mention I had skipped that party in the end and watched reruns of Seinfeld instead. I was really not a party girl to be honest.

           "I can't wear that," I hissed.

           "Yes you can! And that's exactly what you'll be wearing," Alex beamed and started to go through my closet again. "Tada," he exclaimed when he found it.

           "God..." I just whispered. I couldn't believe I had actually thought about making that dress. Annabelle was totally to blame, totally.

           "Oh yeah, this is going to look great on you! Go on, put it on," Alex ordered me, pushing me towards the bathroom.

           I crossed my arms over my chest stubbornly. "No!"

           "Alright, I agreed with the back see-through dress but now girl you gotta help me out here. We have a dead line and you aren't really being cooperative! Just put the damn dress on so we can do something with your hair! Do you really want to look good?"

           "Fine," I answered angrily.

           There was no point in arguing with him when he ordered me around like that.

           I walked to my bathroom and started to put the dress on.

           "Now, before you freak on when you see yourself in that dress remember why we're doing this. You want your mom to walk in there and drop her jaws. You want her speechless and mad as hell. Heck, you even want her to think that with that dress you could do anyone in that restaurant because every guy will drool over you and not even see her because you're a sexy beast and she's a wash-up has-been."

           Alex was good in pep talking. He wasn't quarterback of the school's football team for no reason.

           I walked out of the bathroom taking little steps.

           "Holy crap," Alex said and whistled. "You're sexy as hell!"

           I looked at myself in the mirror in front of me and gasped.

           I really did look good in that dress.

           "Oh my god, she's going to have a heart attack," I beamed and started to jump up and down in joy.

           "Now, let's do something with your hair and face," Alex said and grinned conspiratorially.

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