Chapter Forty

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Okay so few things to say, first off sorry I wanted to have this sooner but I almost stopped writing altogether... so you guys should be happy I did upload...

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"You actually sound like you'd enjoy that!" Josh laughed behind us.

I stopped, dead in my track, turned around and narrowed my eyes at Josh "Say that again Mister Puss?"

"Hey I'm just saying, Stockholm syndrome is making a come back!" Josh grinned.

I rolled my eyes.

"Please, I'm not pathetic like that!"

"Well true you did turn down the "Blake serenading at your window" offer the other night..." Josh frowned.

"It was naked at the window but whatever" Blake corrected, smirking.

I scowled at Blake "You told him that?"

"Didn't you remember? I told you I was having an argument! I was with Josh working on his mural, and we were discussing the fact that creepy unhealthy things seem romantic to kids these days!"

"At least we know you haven't fallen in the mold" Josh chuckled.

For one tiny second I was actually a little disappointed... I guess in the back of my mind I would have liked to think Blake really was waiting at my window, not naked I mean, but still there... even though they were right and it was creepy!

"Alright, let's go eat! I'm starving!!" Blake whined and towed me again towards the stairs but I stopped, because I needed to use the bathroom, and it would be smarter to go now, than during dinner.

"Gotta go to the bathroom first!" I told him and then frowned, trying to think of where the bathroom was exactly. "Which is where...?"

Was I supposed to use Blake's ones or some other really expensive looking one, with a golden toilet seat bowl and silk as toilet paper?

"The door right beside the computer Pumpkin... though you might want to be careful, I mean, I'm not sure if I gave the right amount of sedative to my whore this time..." Blake frowned and then chuckled.

"You're an idiot Blake" I rolled my eyes.

"Thanks! Oh and just follow the music to get to the dinning room after" Blake laughed and then I walked towards the door, not so sure what he was talking about while he walked towards the stairs with Josh.

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