Sequel, spin-offs and what-not

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Hey guys,

Don't start dancing around fires naked as Daph would do, this isn't a new upload, this is just a way for me to put everything clearly so you all know what to expect once you're done reading "I Sold.."

You might have finished this book, but Blake and Lexi's story isn't entirely finished yet. I'll put a bunch of links, I know you can't copy/paste them but I think with the underlying comment thing you can get around it. If it still isn't working for you, I'll also put the links in the comment section. :)

If you still want to read about these two lovebirds, you can read about their life as a couple here by reading "The Adventures of a Pumpkin and a Running Back Boy" It's on my page, link is  here:

If you want to read "I Sold Myself to the Devil for Vinyls... Pitiful I Know" but in Blake's POV, you can do it  by reading "The Smirking Jerk", here:

If you want to read the story of Blake and Lexi's kids (and about their friends' kids too) you can do it by reading "The Spawns" here:

If you want to read an alternate story, where Lexi and Blake really speak the first time they meet, because Alex was truthful about his orientation and Lexi wasn't in love with him, you can do it by reading "The Shy Boy and the Girl in the Green Dress" here:

If you want to read about Daph and Josh's love story, you can't do it yet, the story will be called Weird and Weirder but I won't start uploading it right now. I need to finish a few stories first. You can still read excerpts. The excerpt from chapter 1 in Josh's POV is here:

And chapter 2 in Daph's POV is here:

Finally, I will upload a story called "The Virgin and the Whore" at one point, and it will be the story of Nik, Tyler's best friend in college. (if you ever wondered why Tyler and Vanessa called their kid Nikki, he's the reason why) So there will be plenty of Ty and Van in there. You can read part of the first chapter here:

I hope this clears everything out. Feel free to go give these stories some loving. And my other stories too while you're at it! ;P

I LOVE YOU ALL! :D Thanks for the neverending support! :)

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