Chapter Thirty

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I slapped my hand over my alarm clock when the beep beeps started in the morning, and then curled under my sheets again cursing the damn school.

But I smiled a little to myself too.

I was glad everything was cleared out between Blake and I.

I held my bed cover tightly, wishing that for some magical reason the school had blown up... or maybe in the future I had build that time machine of mine and gone back through time and killed Charlemagne...

Ya that would be sweet...

And then the beep beeps shouted again.

I groaned and rolled out of my bed after shutting it down.

I angrily made my way to Ty's room and then was about to throw myself on his bed, but frowned at the scene in front of me.

Ty wasn't in his bed anymore.

What the hell?

Was the time on my alarm clock wrong? Did I oversleep? Sure as hell didn't feel like it that was sure...

I dragged my feet down the stairs and then headed for the kitchen, to see if the time on the microwave and oven was the same as the one on my alarm clock.

"Wow you actually woke up" Ty snorted the second I crossed the arc of the kitchen.

He was sitting at the counter, an enormous bowl of cereal in front of him, only wearing his sweat pants, looking still a little half asleep, and dad sat across him, looking all fresh and ready to work, as usual.

"What the hell are you talking about?" I yawned and slapped the back of his head, while heading towards the coffee pot.

"Please, yesterday you were like a freaking zombie, I asked you like five times if you were going to finish your mash potatoes and you just keep stabbing them over and over again, not even noticing me! I just thought the day you'd finally crack and actually only be good for the asylum had arrived... Let alone be able to remember you had to wake up your sweet and poor little brother" Ty started to ramble, while I poured myself a cup of hot coffee and when to sit at the counter with them.

"Oh come on! I wasn't that bad!" I answered rolling my eyes, but my father chocked on his coffee a bit. "Is there a problem dad?"

"No kid, no problem..." my father laughed a little.

"And you Mister Tyler Grayson, I wouldn't be judging my sweet sister if I were you... you know cause she could PUNCH you in the FACE!" I smirked a little and then lifted my legs to my chest and rested my chin on my knees while sipping on my coffee.

Tyler started at me, wide eyed, obviously understanding what I was referring too, and then I smirked a little more, and he flipped me off.

"Now now Ty, that's not the way to behave yourself at the table!" I chuckled.

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