I Sold Myself to the Devil for Vinyls... Pitiful I Know (66)

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New chapter! Woot woot! 

Don't skip my rant this time please! Cause I'll give the translation to Blake's French rant! lol If you had looked at the previews comments, I gave it there, but anyway I'm putting it back here! 

So Blake was actually quoting Hernani! (Act 5, Scene 3) The boy does that a lot! ;P  

So here's my translation of it, word by word :

Oh! I am your slave! Yes I stay, stay! 

Do what you want. I ask for nothing. 

You know what you do! What you do is good! 

I'll laugh if you want, I'll sing. My soul burns...

Now, if we take the translation I've been using in previews chapters of the whole play it's "Make me wait, then. Whatever you wish, I am your slave.." and some blah blah about volcanoes which is nice but Blake cut that part lol

For those interested you can read the complete play at this link : 


Anyway sorry about this chapter... my brain is just too full of different characters right now that are all fighting to speak and it was hard to get into the right state of mind. So sorry if it sucks! lol Plus I had like too much stuff I needed to mention and crap... anyway sorry again! lol

Oh and speaking of characters that would like to speak I have a little something something to offer you guys. Don't know if you've noticed but I got a FREAKING million reads now... I'm pretty shocked but mostly touched and happy and freaking the hell out!!! AAAAAAA!!! So to thank you all I thought about giving you a tiny Tyler's POV? How would you like that? Tyler's head is pretty amusing! lol Not to mention interesting. So I'll try giving you that in the next twenty four hours (no promises though I do get distracted quite easily!)

Anyway, I hope you'll enjoy this. And I mean... took me 63 chapters to just have them kiss so you got to give a little time to Lexi to sort things out in her head. lol

So, read, enjoy, vote and comment! :P

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Sleeping was definitely out of the question I realized as I laid in my bed, staring at the ceiling like an idiot.

Kind of ironic I had told Blake he could be replaying the kiss in his head all night long and it was me right now who was doing it.

Yes I was replaying the kiss.

Pathetic really.

This was stupid. I needed to sleep. I shouldn't be thinking about how sweet his lips had been one mine. I shouldn't be thinking about how soft the skin of his face was, about how his hair felt when I ran my fingers through them. I shouldn't be thinking about how hot he looked shirtless and how-

Crap crap crap CRAP!

I rolled over in my bed, burying my face in my pillow and screamed a good ten seconds, punching in the mattress.

What the frack was WRONG with me?

Fantasizing about Blake? REALLY?


Seriously, that's the stage I was at now?

Just freaking perfect really!

But would I kiss him again or would I just have that one memory to replay over and over? But there were almost-kisses too and other moments, in the cemetery holding his hand, when we were practicing the play and he had laid his head on me. When I had been sick and he had taken care of me...

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