I Sold Myself to the Devil For Vinyls... Pitiful I Know (57)

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I was still staring intently at my cellphone, almost waiting for it to tell me what was wrong, what had just happened, but then Alex yelled again "Lexi what's up?"

For one second I was a little pissed.

Couldn't he have waited before screaming and interrupting Blake! He was actually going to tell me something! I mean I was finally slowly beginning to understand him and this time Alex had screw it up!

And for a second I also thought about the fact that maybe... maybe Blake was... unhappy about the fact that I was with Alex, maybe thinking I was alone with him... I didn't want get into dangerous territory but could that be true?


"Kitty!!?" Alex yelled again, and I sighed heavily and walked back to the living room. 

"What?" I asked, my voice a little sharper than I had intended.

I mean this wasn't his fault, it was mine. I shouldn't be mad at him.

"What happened? What's wrong?" he asked me concerned deep in his features.

"It's..." I was going to say nothing, because it always felt kinda wrong to share what happened between Blake and me, as insignificant as it was, but this time, it just felt like I had to say it, because I had to do something... "It's Blake; he's the one who called. He sounded... off..." I frowned.

I had to call him back, or something. I couldn't let things like that!

But I felt guilty for thinking like that; I mean I basically spent almost all my time with Blake lately. The least I could do was spend ONE night with my friends, one entire night without worrying about him, right?

"Off, I'm going to jump off a cliff, or off, I need to take off my clothes and bang you right now?" Daph asked, smirking just a little.

I glared at her and mumbled "Shut up Daph, not even funny..."

She looked like she was going to say something but Alex stopped her and looked at me "Call him back"

I wanted to answer that that was exactly what I had been telling myself ever since I had hung up but let him finish what he had to say.

"Call him, and tell him to come over here or something... or you can always leave..." he told me frowning a bit, like he was thinking about this deeply.

I felt guilty for actually wanting to just grab my things and run out of the house, speeding over to Blake's ...

Like I actually had a huge impact one Blake Eaton's life...

But a tiny tiny voice in my head, said that... maybe I did... not a huge impact, but still a little one.

I mean, after all, the guy had kinda shared his life story with me! And as much as he was probably still not telling me, he had trusted me with a whole lot! And that meant something. And I shouldn't take it for granted! And I should definitely do something right now.

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