I Sold Myself to the Devil For Vinyls... Pitiful I Know (53)

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Tiny-winy chapter people, but I felt bad for making you guys wait (which I really shouldn't because it really ISN'T that bad) but I did, and I didn't want to have stayed up for nothing.

Consider yourselves lucky, today was a busy day! (Mardi productif... mouhahahaha)

But again, it's short, but no complaining cause I shouldn't even have posted! But it kinda ended well... lol

Anyway, it is 2h25 AM, I haven't double checked it but I'm tired and I have a media class tomorrow... bleh -_-

Oh and sorry for not replying to comments and such, but again, busy!

Oh and while I'm here... it's NOT the pressure in my basement that's making you burp! (relation basé sur un mensonge!!! [pointe du doigt] mouhahahahahaha)

Anyway, enjoy this and I hope it'll help you survive until my next post ;P Which I really have no freaking clue when it will be... oh well...

Read, enjoy, vote and comment!!! :DD

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I thought about my answer for a few seconds, but obviously not long enough and sent "Of course it is"

Oh god!

The second I pressed "sent" I started to freak.

Crap crap crap crap!! My "not eating and not sleeping enough" had made a REALLY bad connection in my brain.

Shit, shit shit!

DAMN IT! That was the exact reason why we should be able to somehow stop text messages from reaching their final destination!!

Okay, I didn't need to freak... I mean he was probably going to reply something like "You really can't resist me, I expected more form you or something"... right?

But then, it wasn't a text I received next, it was an incoming call.

Oh crap.

I brought the phone to my ear slowly.

"I'm waiting" Blake simply said, no greeting, his voice mischievous.


"It's getting cold, you should really open your window or something... or even better unlock the front door, cause whatever people say, climbing up your wall naked won't be a sexy sight for your neighbors"

I was speechless for a second

"Are you freaking serious?!!" I almost shrieked.

"Why wouldn't I be? And I'm still waiting by the way! Getting cold Pumpkin, not a good thing for the boys!"

"Are you FREAKING SERIOUS!!?" I hissed this time and got up from my bed in one fast movement, kicking my sheets away.

"Of course!! Now are you going to open the window or not?"

"Oh god, seriously Blake, this is NOT funny"

"I know, tell that to my frozen nuts!"

I ran to my window, and pushed the curtains away, looking outside.

The front yard was empty, and pitch black, the lights from the street a little too far away to let me see everything closer to the house. And we didn't leave our front lights open at nights.

"Blake you are honestly scaring me right now, please say this is a joke!" I answered him, still staring intensely at the pitch black front yard, and the tress and all the flowers trying to find, or more like not find a human figure.

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