Chapter Seven

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Chapter 7

The second class was pretty boring. I doodled in my notebook all through it. I didn't even pay attention to the teacher—he would repeat everything in the next one anyway.

I found myself drawing real things after a little while, actual figures and landscapes. I should start drawing again, I thought. I hadn't drawn since my mom left. I would draw after school today I settled.

            At lunch time, I looked around the cafeteria, my tray in my hands, trying to decide where to sit.

This could get tricky. I was a generally well-liked person—that meant I had many options when it came to pick my seat for lunch. When Vanessa was still here, I would always sit with her and her singing friends, but she wasn't here anymore.

Now, I usually sat with Daphnee—she was still gone though—and Alex but he was always with the sport guys and that included Blake and I sure as hell didn't want to talk to Blake today. Or even again.

"Lexi get your pretty little ass over here," Alex called out.

Damn! Well I could always ignore him.

"Lexi!" he yelled again.

"Why so pushy," I asked him when I reached his table.

Blake wasn't there. Good.

"We're planning on riding to the Dump Creek this weekend. Want to come?" Alex inquired, totally ignoring my question.

I rolled with it, and shrugged, taking the seat beside his. "Sure. What's the plan?"

The Dump Creek was a kind of lake that we had stumbled on one time when we were riding our dirt bikes—well the boys were, I was just trying to keep up—in a near forest and that was absolutely breathtaking. At first, we thought it was some kind of old dump filled with water, but we did some research later, to know if we could go swim in it, and we found that it used to be an old sand pit that had filled with water and it was in no way dangerous to our health. The whole dump thing had still stuck to it though.

Now, it looked pretty nice. We had built a deck and brought a few picnic tables. The only problem was we had to get there either on our bikes or with cars that could handle the pretty intense dirt road as in Alex's Jeep.

"Well, the weather is only going to go downhill after this weekend so we're planning on driving there Saturday afternoon and stay there—we might set up some tents—but we're totally doing a barbecue," he explained to me and all the guys were already mouth-watering over the near feast.

"Sounds good," I nodded, and started to roll around the spaghetti in my plate. "What are the driving arrangements?"

"Well that's what we're planning now. Connor's taking Justin, Fred and Peter. Dwayne's bringing Janna, Mark and Catherine. If Jimmy can get his dad's car he'll bring the twins and Davis. Clark and Shawn might tag along if they aren't too hung over. Now if Jimmy can't get everyone I'll bring them with me and of course you but it'll be tight and we were planning on putting the barbecue in my car."

"Is that everyone?" I asked. Please don't say Blake, please don't say Blake, pleaaase don't say Blake.

Alex shrugged. "You can always invite your brother and his friends but they've got to find a way to reach the Creek on their own."

"And no whiny girls!" Davis suddenly interjected. "Don't take this the wrong way Lexi but I don't want to hear complaints about the bugs every five seconds."

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