I Sold Myself to the Devil for Vinyls... Pitiful I Know (74)

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Alright here it is! Chapter 74. Ouf! 

So! I always have all sort of things to tell you but right now I know some people are waiting (meaning my cheering team! lol) and I have fried chicken waiting for me in the oven and losing it's greasy freshness the more and more I wait so! With that said! Hope you enjoy this chapter!

It goes to my friends who inspired this whole trip! I love you guys! We have to go back there again! lol

So! Read and enjoy! :P 

(Sorry for the mistakes, I'll double check more throughtly later but that chicken smells REALLY good!)

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

That night was restless to say the least.

Every time someone walked in or out of the room I was awaken, the girls' night chatting kept me half awake too.

Anytime I did sleep though it was a light one that didn't do any good to rest me.

Finally in the morning I was shocked awake by some bug walking on my nose; probably a fly that had bumped on it, and I brushed my hand, balled into a fist around my sheet, on it. I snuggled again, wishing to sleep more; actually it would have been nice to just sleep for the next three days, just sleep through the trip as if it had never happened.

But the damn bug came back to annoy me again, and I brushed my nose again, groaning a little in complaint.

Stupid bug!

Stupid camp!

Stupid trip!

Stupid me...

I sighed heavily, trying to sleep again, trying to free my thoughts of Emily and even Daph and mostly Blake, but the damn freaking bug came back to freaking annoy me again and this time I hissed in frustration and opened my eyes, ready to go bug freaking hunting, seriously I would do MAJOR damage to the fly, but instead found myself staring into big gray eyes. Smiling warm gray eyes with just a hint of dark blue in them.

Blake just kept staring at me, folding his arms on the side of my bed, resting his chin on the top of his hands, smirking slightly.

"I need coffee" he smirked more.

I wasn't sure if I should be pissed or pissed.

I turned around, facing the wall, showing him my back and groaned "Come back in another life"

What the hell was wrong with him? Did he honestly think he could just walk in here like this and not have me mad at him?!

But then it dawned on me... it could... I mean he could not even be aware I had been mad at him, was still mad at him...

God I was so pathetic...

For two seconds Blake was silent but then finally said "Fine"

I wanted to cry out for him to stay but I just kept staring at the wall. I wasn't going to just pretend like what had happened yesterday hadn't, I wasn't going to act like I wasn't completely pissed and I hadn't fought tears all night long! But instead of hearing his footsteps leaving, I heard the wood of the ladder squeak.

I automatically turned around and there was Blake, climbing up to get to my bed bunk.

What the...

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