Chapter Four

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Chapter 4

When I turned around and headed towards my house it felt like it weren't my legs that were moving.

I was in big trouble—huge troubling trouble!

The we've got a dangerous package in front of us and we have no fraking idea what it is but we know it's probably going to end with something like BOOM! We're all dead! kind of trouble.

You did not want to owe anything to Blake Eaton, ever!

Alright breathe Lexi, just breathe, maybe he was just joking, or maybe he just wants something simple like your sister's phone number... Yeah that's probably it... Now stop worrying.

I walked in the kitchen heading straight to the fridge since I hadn't had dinner, breathing in and out slowly, not letting myself think too much. A butt was popping out of the fridge, the person's head in it, cursing.

"Why is it so damn hard to buy groceries," I heard my little brother Tyler mumble.

I ignored the remark. "Who won," I asked him.

Tyler didn't turn around but I had a good view of his soccer uniform and grass still stained it.

"They kicked our ass, but James kicked their all-star player in his all-star family jewel and send him to the hospital so I think it's a fair draw," he replied, chuckling.

Then he turned around, with a can of soda in his hand, and gasped when he saw me.

Oh yes, right the dress that might get me smitten if I walked into a Church wearing it...

"So you had a nice time tonight, working on the street? Made some money? Wouldn't mind lending me some for a new PS3 game," he teased and drank from his soda.

"Actually, I went to see mom," I informed him casually and he spit out the soda everywhere.

"What," he choked, coughing his bubbly beverage out.

I smirked. "You heard me."

"You went to see mom looking like that?" I nodded even though I had kind of been repeating that already. It seemed to really sink in though. "Oh my god! What did she say? Oh how much I would pay to have seen her face," Tyler rambled almost gleefully.

"I'll bet you my Jezebel dress that you can't guess what happened," I countered.

"She jumped at your throat..." He shook his head and hands with energy. "No wait she would never humiliate herself in public." My little brother pondered for a second. "Alright, I know she said something like, Excuse me miss could you please move away from this table and not let your genital diseases spread all over this nice chair," Ty mimicked out mother's voice and I had to admit that it fitted her perfectly.

"You're not even close..." I sighed.

"Oh my god. Did she? No she couldn't do that?" my brother said and his eyes widened in acknowledgment.

"She did," I answered and sat on the counter.

Ty made a face. "Wow! That must have been awkward," he trailed and sat beside me, wrapping his arm around my shoulders comfortingly.

"Let's just say I'm in big, big trouble now," I sighed and rested my head on his shoulder.

His shoulder shook with his soft laugh. "What? Her boyfriend gave you his number?"

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