I Sold Myself To The Devil For Vinyls... Pitiful I Know (42)

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New chapter...

Sorry guys.. I wanted to have something to give you before I passed out and realized I had set a too big goal to fit things in it so ya...

Blake's secret will come a little later again.. chapter 46 now.. I know, I know sorry!! I'm going to try real hard to have it out soon!! I want it out as much as you guys!! And I should have listen to Sydney-Sapphire and wait to post it but see.. I didn't want to have stayed up for nothing you know?

Okay so I'm sure I had a million things to rant about but I'm dead on my feet so ya... no coherence anymore.. if you see mistakes feel free to point them out!!

So read, enjoy, vote and comment!!! :D

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I got in my car and drove away, with the powerful need to just hit my head against the steering wheel.

I mean seriously, what the hell was wrong with me!? I had almost freaking made out with Blake in his room, if Josh hadn't dropped in!! And now I just kept over thinking about the freaking hug!! This was getting into a serious freaking issue!!

And I mean, this was Blake we were talking about! As much as he was nice to me now, I mean he was still Blake, Blake the guy every girl wanted, the guy that could have every girl he wanted, and he did... twice probably! I mean please! Who was to tell, every time we talked late he wasn't coming back from some random hoe!

Who was to tell he wasn't acting this way with every girl? Because I mean, why would he care about me more than in friendly terms? I had nothing more to offer than any other girls, and I was pretty annoying actually... and unobservant, and I had no boobs whatsoever which usually was kind of a deal breaker...

And I mean he just stood there and didn't give me a hug! Everyone gave me a hug.

Why. Didn't. He. Give. Me. A. Hug!!?

He was on freaking top of me in his room but didn't even give me a goodbye hand shake?

Or was I supposed to have made the first move? Was that the problem? Was he waiting for me to go for the hug?


God I hated over freaking thinking things like that!!

Alright breathe Lexi... it didn't mean anything; it doesn't mean anything so just STOP CARING!


It was few seconds later that I realized I had driven past my house... again... and for the same damn reason! Because I was too engross in thinking about hot Blake!

Hot Blake?

Oh god... I really need help, don't I?

I drove back, and then parked in our alley, and mentally scowled at myself, walking to my house.

It was slowly getting dark, we were the end of the day, and dad and Ty hadn't opened the lights outside so it just felt like I was walking in an abandoned house. First thing I did when walking in was to switch the lights on, and then I went to look around for everyone.

But when I walked pass my father's door, I could hear him lightly snoring so I didn't bother him, and Ty was sleeping too...

I felt bad for not being there with them...

I wondered what they had been up to... where they alright?

I guessed I would have to wait for the answers tomorrow...

I walked to my room, not feeling sleepy at all and decided I needed to call Vanessa, so I let myself fall back on my bed, and then, staring at the ceiling, put the phone against my ear.

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