Chapter Forty One

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"... so then Blakey here, runs the hell out of the lake, and what do you know it really is a leech!" Josh said, laughing even more.

We were still all around the table, we had eaten the desert, Nanaimo bars, which I had learned, were one of Anita's many specialty, and Josh had kindly agreed to tell me embarrassing stories about Blake even though the one concerned had all but choke Josh from across the table, but his parents were on my side, and urged Josh to go on, laughing at the memories with him.

"How the hell was I supposed to react!? A freaking leech!! Just so you know it's not the best feeling in the world!! And I was freaking nine years old!!" Blake scowled beside me, looking annoyed.

I laughed beside him, which earned me a glare.


"Wait you ain't even heard the funny part yet... so Jay and I, we tell Blake that he has to take his shorts off because there might be leeches hidden in them, and what do you know, next thing Blake his wriggling out of them, screaming like a girl!" Josh burst laughing while Blake hung his head in shame in his hands.

"Owww, poor Blake" I laughed.

"Oh it's not even the worst part!" Josh grin, and then Blake raised his head

"Please, for the sake of me, please just stop!" Blake begged.

"Heck NO!!" Josh grinned wider and then looked back at me "So you have this butt naked Blake, leech on his leg, screaming and crying, while his bro and I are all but pissing ourselves and THAT'S when Catherine decides to show up!!"

I started to laugh hysterically right there.

"Hey it's SO not funny! You wouldn't be laughing if you had been in my position!" Blake scowled beside me, his hands covering his face.

"Oh but I would never have been stupid enough to actually take my shorts off" I laughed.

And I really wasn't the only one.

Josh of course was clutching his stomach with laugher, and Anita's shoulders were shaking with them, and Blake's parents chuckled lightly too, but there was something about the way they looked at me... I mean I really shouldn't be self conscious like that, they probably weren't even looking at me, but at Blake... but it just felt like their gazes were on me...

"Oh trust me, if you had grown up with my brother and Josh you'd have taken your pants off! Those two together would have scared away the freaking devil!!" Blake snorted.

"Thought you and Josh were the perfect pair?!" I said, still laughing a little.

I mean come on!


"Oh when they were younger Josh and Jay were often mistaken for twins actually... and people thought Blake was the little brother tagging along" Sophia said, a small smile on her lips.

"Tagging along? You make me sound like a dog!" Blake rolled his eyes.

"Aww don't take it the wrong way my brother from mother, we actually enjoyed your company when you weren't engross in one of these many books of yours!" Josh still laughed.

"He was the booky type when he was younger?" I asked smiling a little.

Blake was leaning his head in his palm, elbow against the table, bad etiquette right there, and was shaking his head slightly, discouraged.

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