I Sold Myself to the Devil for Vinyls... Pitiful I Know (69)

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Note to self : Dentist appointment. 

Kids... wisdom tooth... they fucking hurt! -_-

So I'm just going to go ahead and say forget me for a few days. I'm going to sleep till I have those big bed wounds type of thingies? Ya till that.

Oh and to those who didn't see the message, so it's fair for you, Blake doesn't have cancer. Happy? lol

So again thanks for all the comments guys! I luuuurveeeee yooouuu! Mouhahaha 

And now I'm going to go sleep... because my legs feel numb and I'm a little dizzy. Good sign? I think not. Oh plus that stupid wisdom tooth hurt. I think I'm going to do like my brother and just pull it out with the vice-grip. Because yes my brother did that. While wearing his red dirt bike helmet and watching a football game. Have I ever told you guys I have a crazy brother?

Oh! And the song I put here... okay it was a hard choice. I wanted to put Lykke Li "Little Bit" too... I might put it in another chapter. But you can always look for it. It kept listening to it while writing this chapter! It's quite fitting for our "couple" :P

Also, this is not the best chapter in the history of "I Sold..." but I need a few filling ones like these because there's big things coming soon kids... mouhahahaha 

So forgive me if this sucks I'll try to be less suckish in the next ones...

Anyway, before I lose consciousness...

Read and enjoy! :D

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The first thought that crossed my mind when I woke up was "Mmm nice smell..."

I had fallen asleep in Blake's clothes, which, without knowing the context could sound wrong. Actually even with the context it was an itsy tiny bit wrong.

I nuzzled Blake's hoodie for a few minutes, enjoying a little bit more the smell. He was definitely never seeing it again. Or when the smell would wear off. Would there be a way I could ask to have another one after that?

Wow... stalker much?

But it was his own fault. He smelled nice. Way too nice. And I didn't think it was from any cologne or something, so I couldn't go to a perfume shop and try to find it. That was all Blake.

When he had brought me back last night, or more like early morning, his clothes still all wet I might add, he strictly told me I had to sleep and not wake up until it was necessary to get ready for the talent show which was today at seven thirty. Apparently I looked like I needed sleep. I was probably more keyed up than anything... because I was fighting the urge to just attack him with my lips.

Was there a point where you could, oh I don't know die, or suffocate or something in the likings because of too much sexual tension? Because it wouldn't look good for me if there was. 

Because let's face it, I wanted to kiss the crap out of Blake and then more a LOT lately. Shameful really. I used to be so much more not pathetic.

I rolled in my bed, taking another good sniff.

So Blake had offered to come pick me up for the show. Vanessa and I had talked about going the three of us, meaning with Tyler. But that was before yesterday and that was before me walking on them. I hadn't seen anyone after coming back from Blake. Dad was asleep; he obviously trusted me a little too much when it came to Blake. And well Vanessa and Tyler were probably asleep. Well I HOPED they were.

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