I Sold Myself to the Devil for Vinyls... Pitiful I Know (72)

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So I would just like to mention I rock for uploading this.

Because as I have mention I started college again and I'm freaking the hell out because I don't have time and my schedule is SWAMPED. And I need to fit time to go train with my Papa Bear in that and aaaAAaaaAAAaaAAa! Time, someone give me tiiiimeeee!

And sorry, technically the trip doesn't start yet, but the next few chapters, it's only going to be about it alright? Now I just had a few things to sort out.

Anyway! Hope you enjoy this!

Oh and I didn't talk about it earlier but we got more vote for "Keeping the title as it is" deal. So "I Sold.." will stay "I Sold.." lol

Anyway I had things to say but I need to sleep. I'm leaving for the weekend tomorrow and I would need to have a few hours of sleep in bank! lol

Enjoy! :P

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The ride home had been quiet. If we hadn't been too awkward with all the gang it had been different trapped in a car. Especially since they were both sitting in front and I was sitting in the back and even if I had wanted to speak, when you sit in the back in the car you either don't get what they're talking about or they don't hear you and it's just majorly annoying.

And I was trying not to bite my nails in nervousness. Because I was worried for Blake, which was completely stupid because he was a big boy and he was able to drive home tired, he had probably done it a thousand of times, I was just being overly dramatic lately!

Seriously, I pissed my own self off! I was annoying my own self. Now why in hell would Blake want to be with someone that infuriated herself?

I was second guessing all the time, but I couldn't help it. If I had thought more when I had dated Alex maybe I would have realized why we would never work as a couple. Okay I was overly unobservant, so that probably hadn't helped my cause but still... if I had been thinking more...

But now I was thinking too much.

When we got home it was late. Like midnight late and dad was already sleeping so we all went our ways, me to my room, Tyler to his and Vanessa to Anna's room. But for some reason I kinda guessed that those beds arrangement would probably change during the night.

Please god don't make me hear them if they do?

After my bed time routine I curled up in my sheets, waiting for sleep, but then I was still all happy because of the night, replaying it and putting aside any chances of him getting into an accident. Because I had been with Blake, and being with him seemed to do strange things to me. All that hand holding and touching happening with Blake made me fell all happy and jumpy and I just wanted to scream in my pillow for no reason, just weirdly joyful.

What was wrong with me? Why did I feel so jibbery? Just thinking about Blake made me feel all warm inside.

Things were getting bad, weren't they?

Still I couldn't get him out of my head and I really didn't want to... And I was thinking again how wonderful his lips had felt against mine...

And my phone rang.

I got up in one quick movement, and looked around, trying to find it, but I hadn't open any light and my room was pitch black but I finally found it in my jeans pocket and then got it out, and answered.

I didn't even need to look at the caller ID to know who this was.

"Hey! You got home?" I asked, almost breathlessly

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