I Sold Myself To The Devil For Vinyls... Pitiful I Know (48) [Part 2]

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Advice of the day: If you're running around the house, fighting with your friend and then he takes the string guitar, jokingly threatening to hit you with it, and takes a swing, do not, and I repeat DO NOT stop it with your palm... guitar strings cut... like badly... it's a miracle I can type without bleeding on the keyboard (thank you whoever invented Plaster!!)

Alright so sorry for the long wait, I know you guys have been waiting a while... and sorry for the end... mouhahahahahahaha. Anyway, it's not that bad, really...

So, next chapter you're getting the "confession"! lol But you won't get EVERYTHING, I think it's important to point out... but you'll get a nice insight of Blake... oh and about his POV... well you still have to wait a bit... though I don't know, I could have this sudden urge to post a part... not sure yet though...

And the kiss... mouhahahaha... can't answer this one... maybe they'll never kiss [Stewie psycho eyes]

Oh and I'll try to upload again soon, but tomorrow I have to attend funerals (real one, no joke) and then I'm going to go out... so not sure I'm going to have time to finish it right away...

And we have to clear something... so when I started writing this, I didn't choose a real city to set it in... I mean, I don't know if I put it in here or if it's in Blake's POV but I said it was supposed to be in the USA but I'm much more familiar with the Southern part of it... and I needed cooler weather so I never gave a specific name because I didn't want to speak about a city I didn't know... and now we have lovely Lexi flying to a New York suburb... which does not exist either for obvious reasons you will read, but I needed specific things... but anyway, the thing is our happy family is making a domestic flight because I didn't want to have to put the whole going through customs... so simply put this story happens in an imaginary city in the states, and the funeral is in an imaginary city too! Just so everything is clear... lol

Alright I think I rant enough now... and my palm stings... and it's 6h40... and I have to be up in.. 3 hours? I'm in crap... lol

So read, enjoy, vote and COMMENT!!!!! :D

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Less than an hour later we were driving in the little bus that took us from the free parking and to the airport.

"I'll give you a hundred bucks if you scream you have a bomb" Ty whispered beside me and I slapped his arm, my eyes bulging.

"TY!! There's things you just CAN'T say in an airport!" I hissed.

"Well technically we aren't IN it yet" he chuckled.

"Dad, please tell your son to shut his mouth before we get arrested" I whined.

My dad just laughed.

Perfect, just perfect!

When we got in the airport, we walked with our bags to the stand where the airline we were flying with was and then checked our bags and got our tickets.

Then we went through security and I was happy that Tyler kept his mouth shut this time. We went through the usual; showed our ID to the angry lady and then took our shoes off and everything with metal and vest and all, put our bags in the grey plastic box that ran in the X-ray machine and then walked under the metal detector thingy.

"Does it mean that if I was a robot I wouldn't be able to get through?" Ty asked me, as we got our stuff.

I took my grey purse that looked a whole lot more like a shoulder schoolbag, just a little smaller, laughing "It's discrimination, right?"


With our shoes and everything else back on and our small bags that we could bring in the plane we walked to our gate, to wait for our flight to leave.

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