Chapter Nine

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I needed a shirt.

Badly. My arms were all sticky from touching the wet fabric, and it was just getting fracking uncomfortable.

I didn't have any spare shirts in my locker and I didn't have time to go back home and get one.

If Vanessa had still been here I would have been okay. The girl practically brought her whole wardrobe to school in case she felt like changing.

But she wasn't here anymore and I needed a shirt.

I practically ran out of the school, checking the time on my watch every two seconds. I couldn't be late for my shift again. Katy would be pretty pissed.

I stormed through the doors that led outside to the big soccer field, where I knew I would find Tyler, practicing soccer with his friends, and ran to it.

My pace automatically slowed when I saw him, playing with the soccer ball, doing is little master tricks, and talking with a girl.

What are you up to you little tweed? I thought.

I wasn't sure what I should do. Should I just scream at him something very embarrassing like "Hey, don't forget that doctor appointment for your hitching down below" or should I just kick him in the nuts?

My thumb involuntarily went to my index to turn my ring around, a tick I had when I was pondering, but I realised again that I had lost it. Where was it for god sake?

I pushed that thought away when Tyler saw me and burst into laughter.

"Well, well, well, what'd ya know? Lexi in a wet t-shirt competition? I thought it was cheating to wear a bra," he said when he could manage a breath.

The girl beside him looked at him with something close to dumbstruck awe and giggled.

Oh this was just perfect.

"Seriously Ty? That's just gross," I answered him.

"So I'm guessing you want something from me," Ty said clearly enjoying this situation.

"Yeah. I need a shirt. Like right now," and my voice made him understand it wasn't time to mess with me.

Tyler just nodded and ran to the other side of the field, where his bag probably was and left me with the poor girl.

"So you're Tyler's sister, right?" the girl asked me.

Generally I might have made and effort, but I knew why Tyler was talking with her and it had nothing to do with liking her and everything to do with Vanessa. And I was so not in the mood for chitchat. 

"And you're Ty's next bed toy? Don't worry he got his penicillin shot last week, his syphilis is long gone now." Maybe that could save her the heartache. 

I didn't even wait for her answer and started to walk across the field to reach Tyler.

As I was doing so, someone kicked the soccer ball and it almost hit me right in the face, if I hadn't been quick enough to catch it. I looked around to see who kicked it and when I saw Landon, one of Tyler's friend and team mate, laugh, I kicked the ball, goalie style and it landed straight in his family jewels.

"You better think twice next time you try this you dim-wit," I screamed and flipped him.

"Hey, hey, hey! Calm down," Tyler said, running towards me.

"I'm not calming down! I'm pissed right now," I yelled at him.

"What's wrong?"

"What's wrong? You have to ask?" I hissed, showing my shirt, "I got fracking spilled with fracking Gatorade by fracking Blake I'm-a-fracking-ass Eaton!"

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