Chapter Thirty-Two

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Okay guys! New chapter's here!! :P


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I drove to Blake's house, ran to his room, rushed to him, grabbed him by the shirt, kissed the crap out of him, and then stripped him down and had wild monkey sex with him.



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Alright so that was for everyone that have been begging me to just have them kiss and then make out and live happily ever after... lol

Now as much as a lot of people would enjoy this, you have to see the big picture... If this happens right now, then what? I mean, not even a week past since the beginning of the story... If they got together right now, as crazy as it's sounds it would be too soon... And I got everything planned out and trust me; it's better if we all wait...

So now if you guys want what Lexi and Blake would really do because let's face it, as much as we all would love for Lexi to admit she likes Blake, she's a stubborn girl, and she's going to need more time... And Blake... well Blake's still too much of a mystery to everyone... and he's not going to let his guards down easily either... well if you want that, here's the real chapter!! :P

So read, enjoy, vote and COMMENT!!! :D

Oh and you're awesome È... lol

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I drove slowly in the unknown street to get to Blake's house.

Yesterday, Blake had wanted me to come over his place and help him out with all the stoichiometry exercises the teacher had gave us in Chemistry but he had a football practice, so we had agreed for me to come the next day, which was now.

I had my window down, the day was pretty sunny, we were still in early September after all, and the wind swirled my hairs everywhere, making them even messier than they already were. Fefe Dobson's "I Want You" song was playing and I was singing along, tapping on my steering wheel with the beat, looking at every house, one by one, expecting to see the address I had on the piece of paper in my hands, written on a house already.

I wasn't really familiar with this part of the city; it was the older part of it, with the "richer" houses. I remembered all the times my mom had drove around here, looking at the houses, marvelling over them, and over their garden. She always had a thing for these sorts of things...

Don't think about her Lexi, there's no use anymore, I repeated in my head, and then kept singing and looking.

And then finally I saw the number I was looking for, but it wasn't on a house, it was on a freaking gate!

A gate?

What the hell?

There was a big grey rocky wall at both side, marking the land probably, and then there was this huge metal gate, which was open.

You couldn't see over the wall but you could see through the fence and there was a drive way, in the same rock as the walls, leading somewhere which I couldn't see exactly because of all the trees around, and of how far it stretched.

Okay, seriously what the hell?

Was this a joke?

I mean, that's exactly the kind of thing Blake could do right? I mean we had pretty much put the whole "library and Stacey" incident behind, even though I was still pretty curious about the why she had stormed out, so I had no doubt Blake could send me to some random huge house, with snobby people and then laugh tomorrow at me for going...

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