I Sold Myself to the Devil for Vinyls... Pitiful I Know (Epilogue)

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Alright, so this is it, the epilogue. I can’t believe this story is finally coming to an end… it’s crazy…

PLEASE, read until the end, however mad you are or whatever. Trust me, you’ll be MUCH happier if you read till the end, okay?

Also, please read the author note at the end that explains what to expect next for spin-off and sequels alright? Because I won’t be answering questions about it in the future. The answers are there.

Oh and also, sorry for making you guys wait that long, I didn’t mean to but because of Irene, well electricity was dead (I uploaded chapter 87 at my moms, yes I actually went to my mother to upload this chapter for you guys, how pathetic? ;P) and when it finally came back at my house, internet was dead so ya… I was supposed to put the epilogue up sooner… it’s all stinking Irene’s fault! 0_0

Now, you can enjoy! :D

I’ve been waiting a while to finally post this one! lol

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I could feel the sun, streaming through the French doors, warming my cheek. But I kept my eyes close, not wanting to get out of bed just yet.

I rolled around on the bed, my hand reaching beside me but they fell on empty sheets.

Of course they did…

I rolled again and held the blankets tightly, trying to find sleep but unable to because of the damn sun.

So instead I sat in the middle of the bed, holding my head in my hands.

I sighed heavily and then turned my head in my palms, my eyes falling on the letter lying on my drawing desk.

I got up from my bed and took it and then cradled back in my sheets and read it again, for about the hundredth time…

Dear Pumpkin,

If you’re reading this, well it really sucks to say the least… I know I promised you I wouldn’t die, but I guess I can’t control everything, can I? And I know it’s creepy and why did I wrote you this letter if I told you I wasn’t going to die, did I lie to you, how the hell did I know I’d die… (you’re already over thinking by now, I know it Pumpkin) well I guess after you lose someone so fast, like I did with Jay, you become aware of things like that… and ever since, I write letters, will if you will…

And well, with my head condition, I guess I always have to be ready for the worse. And I’m not going to lie, it scares me. I know I don’t talk about it with you that much but it’s because I’m scared that if I said it out loud it’ll happen, if I ignore it, if I don’t put it out there it’s like it doesn’t exist you know?

But hey, for all I know I might have been crushed by a concrete wall, so no point in worrying right?

So as I said, I write these letters… but this is the hardest one I ever had to write, because what if I do die?

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