Chapter Five

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Chapter 5

A saccade string of continuous beeps harassed my ears in the morning.

            What a nice sound to wake up to, isn't it? I thought, while I tried to reach the snooze button of my alarm clock without losing the warmth of my bed.

            I used to make it play the radio, but I would either not notice it or have a real annoying song in my head all day long so I had settled for the beep-beeps, even though they were freakishly annoying.

            I curled back in my bed, holding my blanket closer, and buried my head in my pillow. "I don't wanna go to school, I don't wanna go to school, I don't wanna go to school," I chanted in a muffled mumble.

            And then I fell back into a light sleep, until I heard the damn beep-beeps again.

            I hit snooze.

            I could do that all morning long. I was not a morning person and I didn't really need that much time to get ready in the morning but I still set up my alarm clock one hour before school started, because in the end I always ended up waking up twenty-four minutes before the school started.

            And then I would run around the house telling everyone to get out of my way because I was going to be late but never was.

            I liked my little morning ritual.

            So, I rolled around in my bed until the next beep-beeps. But I didn't hit snooze this time. Instead, I closed it and got out of my bed and dragged my SpongeBob SquarePant's pyjamas' covered butt to Tyler's room.

            He was still snoring lightly when I fell on his bed right beside him.

            "Beep, beep, beep. Get up," I whined, shaking his shoulder lightly.

            For some strange reason, I was Tyler's alarm clock. My parents had never bought him one when he was younger and he gotten used to it. I had no idea how he could live without the time in his room but I guess it had just became normal for him.

            "Come back in nine minutes," Ty groaned and cover his face with his pillow.

            "Get up!" I told him and took his pillow off and put it under my head, settling in his bed. It wasn't rare for us to fall right back asleep and then dad would have to wake us up.

            "But I was having such a nice dream," Ty groaned again and pulled back his pillow.

            "Well, just tell Megan Fox that you'll come back tonight," I snorted him and closed my eyes, sensing the sleepiness slowly creeping back.

            "I wasn't dreaming about her," Tyler answered and yawned.

            If my eyes hadn't been closed I would have rolled them. "Please, it's too early to talk about your perv dreams Ty," I informed him and yawned too.

            After that, I think we fell asleep again because I heard our father. "I never signed up for Sleeping Beauty's. Get up kids!" dad said and waited practically impatiently, until we both got out of the bed.

            Rubbing my eyes, I thought about lying and saying I was sick in order to curl back up in bed, but instead asked, "What time?"

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