Chapter Twenty Two

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"LEXI GRAYSON! GET YOUR ASS OVER HERE RIGHT NOW!" Blake yelled, walking blindly in the forest.

After his first scream, I kinda figured it would be smarter on my behalf to just make a run for it and hide like a coward.

But I had a hard time keeping myself from laughing. I was actually, crouching behind a bush, holding my mouth in my hands, trying not to laugh.

Of course, in my hurry, I hadn't put any shoes on and now the branches were hurting my bare feet, and I was only wearing my bikini and it was pretty cold out there, but I didn't care. I wasn't going to move from my spot.

First, because I was kinda worried about Blake reaction.

Second, because if I moved and got deeper in the woods, I might get lost or something considering I didn't have a flashlight. Plus, I could totally walk into one of the plants like the ones that I had put in Blake's shorts and that would just be straight dumb on my behalf if I got caught by my own weapon.


Oh god, he sounds so mad... Haha!

I muffled another laugh.

"Get out of your hide out so you can explain to me why the hell you seem to find so much pleasure in torturing my balls!" Blake yelled and this time I giggled a little.

But I mean it's not like the spiky thingy could actually stick on his skin, I mean it just sticks on fabric, so worst case scenario he got sting a bit, so what, that's not the end of the world, he'll survive!

But that's when something occurred to me, something I really hadn't thought about because well honestly I don't have a fixation with Blake's balls, but those things got caught in hair too. I remembered all the time's Alex's dog came with us here, and we had to take all the plants out, one by one, which took like forever...

Oh god! I get why he's so mad now. Ha ha ha ha!

This time I really couldn't control my laugh anymore, and actually fell on my butt and laughed out loud, clutching my stomach.

"Oh Grayson, you're so dead right now!" Blake screamed and then he was right in front of me.

I couldn't see his expression, but I guess he was scowling.

I just laughed more.

"Oh god... I'm sorry... I didn't think about all the aspect of this prank... or your hairiness," I said between laughs and then Blake just crouched over me and put something in my hair.

"Good luck taking those out! By the way I gave you the same! Enjoy," Blake said, and I think I could actually hear a smirk.

"Oh that's just gross!" I yelled after him, getting back on my feet.

"Should have thought about it first," Blake said, walking in front of me.

I started to take the spiky thingy out of my hair and pulled hair in the process.

That definitely hurt. And my god damn long hair didn't help my cause.

But then I stopped dead in my track because I heard a sound. Almost like a growling.

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