Chapter Nineteen

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Alright people! I'm REALLY sorry for making you wait like this, but this is a really long one so I hope you'll forgive me ;P

So, I'm slowly starting to give you a little more info on our lovely Blake. Hope you enjoy that, and yes, he gets more and more confusing, and that's why I love him so much. And yes don't worry, I will give you his POV (I have over 50 Word pages so far) at one point, and you'll understand everything, but it's still too early yet... Anyone would like to try to guess what his problemS are?? ;P

Anyway, hope you enjoy this chapter.. Oh dang I almost forgot!!

This chapter goes to my lovely stupid friends!!! I know you guys won't be reading this, cause it's in English!! And you don't read ;P But the knock-the-crap-out-of-everyone football would have never existed without you, and the Creek wouldn't have either!! Can't wait for this summer so we can go throw some one else in it and then knock each other on the ground and broke someone else tailbone ;P (please not mine!!)

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Blake was still laughing from my previews comment, when we both jumped in surprise from the screaming.

"Lexi!!!! GET OVER HERE!!!!" I heard Alex yell.

I was on my feet the same second and ran to him, because that was his "something's wrong" voice.

I ran from the trail and then up to where everyone seemed to be gathered.

My eyes feel on Alex and I caught with him.

"What's wrong?" I asked and Alex pointed someone sitting on the picnic table.

"Jimmy-Dummy here tried to do a Can Can, but didn't bring his leg back in time so he freaking fell like an idiot and now he's all cut from the rocks but like, deep cut, cut.

"Get me the first-aid kit" I answered and then ran to the idiot.

Now, the reason why Alex called me is kinda stupid. Ever since we've been kids, every time someone got hurt, whether it was during recess in elementary school, or here during one of our many "trips", every time, it was kinda like a reflex; I would run to go help. I don't know maybe I have that "taking care of the sick" vibe in me... or maybe I just like blood...


"I'm fine alright!! Doesn't even hurt that much!!" Jimmy was telling everyone gathered around him, still wearing his helmet, the left side of his pants torn and bloody, so was his left arm.

I hastily twisted my still-a-little-damp-from-swimming hair into a bun and stood in front of him.

"Yeah!! Nurse Lexi's here!!" Jimmy said, trying to sound teasing but I could hear the strain in his voice.

He was in pain.

"Call me like that again and I'll pour lemon juice on your cut!" I told him and then Alex was there and he gave me the first-aid kit and two bottle of water, to clean the cuts.

There was a lot of dirt in the wounds but they weren't as deep as Alex had led me to believe. There was a lot of blood too but it was all mostly dried by now.

"You know, it was a stupid thing to try to do a trick you didn't nail!" I told him while pouring the water.

Everyone had left by then, seeing they were of no use anymore.

"It's a stupid thing saying that. You have to practice to nail a trick. You're never good in the beginning. You suck in the beginning." Jimmy said and flinched a little.

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