I Sold Myself To The Devil For Vinyls... Pitiful I Know (49)

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Okay guys... so this is it, the "confession". ;P 

Oh and important to point out that you don't get EVERYTHING about Blake here... just FYI. Oh and it's going to continue a bit in the next chapter, but I'm getting tired and you guys wanted to have a chapter soon right? ;P 

Also, sorry for the wait, but as shocking as this may seem I have a life, and well I was out yesterday, and then I wanted to finish writing it last night but kinda passed out in my bed and then I was juggling between sleeping and unclassified alien experiments all day today ;P  

So I hope you enjoy this.. I personally found it kinda sad when I wrote it for the first time, but when re-reading it tonight while finishing it all I wasn't that affected.. but I laughed during Titanic (don't take it the wrong way James Cameron, I still think you're a genius!!) so I might not be the best judge for what is or isn't sad.. and I tend to kill my characters all the time... just a FYI ;P So if you're a sentimental person you might find this kinda sad.. just to warn you beforehand...  

Oh and I don't know.. would you guys like to have like a page with questions and answers? If you do, just put like Q&A and then write the question you might have after.. since I'm giving info, I might be more willing to answer some of your questions now.. though not all of them..

Anyway, hope you enjoy this one...

Oh and the song I put there... 23 by Jimmy Eat World... listen to it, over and over again. I just love this song... and it's just has that vibe, well every song by them has that indescribable vibe.. and it think just fits... in my mind, that is... 

So read, enjoy, vote and comment!!

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"Is this..." I started to talk but my voice couldn't carry on.

I read it again.

"Here lays Jayden Eaton. Loving son. Loving brother."

"Yes, it's my brother..." Blake whispered beside me, taking a deep breath "Guess that's all the family now..." he said so quietly I barely heard it.

Oh god...

My voice got stuck in my throat.

Oh god...

Why didn't I know that? Why hadn't I realized it?

But in my freaking defense, Blake had been living in my town ever since I was in 5th grade! Wouldn't that sort of thing be known? I mean, no one had ever mentioned it! Wasn't it normal that I didn't jump to that conclusion? Wasn't it more normal to think that maybe him and his brother didn't see each other because they didn't get along because they liked the same girl or something like that? Wasn't that a much more plausible theory than his brother is dead? Or any other theory! Or no theory at all!! I didn't have to jump to bad conclusion!

And now what the hell was I supposed to say? Whatever I said it would be wrong, it would come out wrong!!

This was his BROTHER! His brother that he obviously loved!! And I had no idea what to say, what to say to try to make things alright for Blake, to erase that sad heartbreaking expression his face now held...

Because there was nothing to say, really nothing to say. Unless I was God and told him I could bring his brother back, anything I said wouldn't be enough. Anything I say would only sadden him more, or make him angry or...

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