I Sold Myself To The Devil For Vinyls... Pitiful I Know (52)

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Alright, this is short and I know I've been making you guys wait for longer than usual, but I have to get up tomorrow morning, and I've been sleeping like 4 hours a night max all along this week so I'm getting tired. Actually I feel like my body is slowly leaning to the side and if I didn't straighten myself often I'd probably fall on the floor.. lol 

Plus I promised È, I'd go to sleep at 2 and it is now 2h30 and she will be mad at me ;P (No angry text messages please!)

So anyway I hope you like this one.. oh and while I'm here and I have like over a 1000 people listening.. I BEAT MY BRO THREE TIMES PLAYING NINE AND ONCE PLAYING EIGHT!!!!! Mouhahahahahahaha!! He kept saying "It didn't happen, don't you ever mention it to anyone!!" 

well in your face dude! IN YOUR FACE!!!! Mouhahahahahaha!!

Alright I'm done now!

Read, enjoy, vote and comment!!! :DDDD

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Since we didn't have a lab to do today, we were in the normal classroom so we walked over to empty seats, Blake letting my hand fall out of his, like all of this had just been standard procedure.

Alright, if he didn't mention it, I wasn't either!!

I was not going to sound like an obsessed stalker!

The teacher spoke a lot and answered question about our last homework and even though I kept telling Blake to just listen because this was important, he just kept poking me in the ribs whenever the teacher turned around, or throwing piece of paper at me, just basically doing anything to annoy me, smirking.

Honestly, I didn't think I had ever seen him so carefree and thoroughly enjoying himself... I mean yes he always teased me, but there was just something about it today that seemed different, felt different, like there was a huge weight off his shoulders...

Maybe sharing what he had, telling me about his brother had did that. I didn't want to think Blake's life was centered on me, but it was nice to think that I might have eased some of the pain away nevertheless, a feeling I couldn't just NOT have...

The morning went in a blur and then I was sitting in the cafeteria with everyone, while we talked about where we wanted to stay during the school trip in barely two weeks, that we still hadn't gave the answering sheet back. It was always a last minute thing right?

"If we bring our tent and camp out it would be nicer, I mean if we have a big enough cooler and bring a little stove or something we wouldn't need to walk back to the camp, we could just stay there the four days" Jimmy said.

"Ya but if it's raining, do you wanna stay four days eating raw food cause you can't start the fire?" Connor snorted.

I bet Connor wanted to camp out but just wanted to argue with Jimmy.

"Well pick whatever you want, me and Trevor we'll just creep in the girls' camp at night and spoon with Lexi" Cameron said, smiling hugely, wiggling his eyebrows.

"You sure Lexi can handle the both of you?" Daphnee grin beside me.

"Then I'll snuggle up with you, pretty thing" Cameron smirked too and I laughed.

"You sure you can handle HER?" I asked him, still chuckling.

"You're gonna have to take a number and wait in line like everyone Mister Twin" Dapnee grinned and then got up "Alright... off to the damn library..." she grumbled and left.

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