I Sold Myself to the Devil For Vinyls... Pitiful I Know (58)

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Hey guys! So this is a super-duper short one, sorry, but I wanted to give you something! And I didn't want to have stayed up for nothing! lol

I'll try to upload fast the next one! But the thing is this morning I woke up and I had the "cold" feeling and now I've been dealing with a runny nose all night! And I have no freaking clue how I got it... the only guess I have is it's from running outside without a coat just a t-shirt but I really don't think it qualifies here... -_- and I'm pissed because I really don't need a cold right now! Bleh!

Oh and a little clarification! The dream in the last chapter, it was actually a scene in Princess Bride! So ya... Sorry for the confusion... lol

So anyway if there's anything just ask, I'll try to get around answering you... :P

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So... next chapter is going to be... more fun... mouhahaha!

We're getting to the good stuff soon guys, don't worry! LOL

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I didn't know if it was the fact that I was still in the painkiller haze, or because I was feeling like crap, or because Blake was there and he pretty much made me analyze everything I did or said, or everything he did or say, taking up all the mental capacity away in the process but I had no witty answer to that last question.

So I just stared at my dad, almost dumbstruck and frozen by the arch at the entry of the kitchen.

My father seemed to find amusement in this.

"I think she already had another daddy with her, dad, she was all good" Tyler said, his voice mischievous, and my eyes almost popped out of their sockets.

That stinking asshole of a little brother!!

"Blake you're closer, mind hitting him for me?" I scowled, my tone angry.

Blake laughed but slapped Ty behind the head faster than my brother could have dodged.

Tyler yelled in protest but dad intervened "Come on kid, no fighting in the kitchen, wouldn't want me to use that big meat knife now would you?"

Tyler whined "Aww, come on dad" and Blake just laughed more.

I rolled my eyes at all of them, and then sighed and lazily made my way to the empty stool beside Blake.

"You feeling better kid?" my father asked while cutting carrots and putting them in the big pot on the oven.

I didn't even have to ask to know he was making his vegetable soup, the one he always did when one of us was sick.

"Ya..." I trailed and then yawned.

I still felt tired even though I had slept almost all day. It was annoying.

"Blake here filled us up on your nice little day!" Tyler said, leaning on the counter to look at me and show the big annoying grin in his face.

I narrowed my eyes at him.

"I'd like for you to live one day as a girl! Seriously! And I would be having so much fun nagging your pain" I groaned, and leaned my elbow on the counter, resting my cheek on my palm, making sure not to drop the warm afghan.

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