I Sold Myself to the Devil For Vinyls... Pitiful I Know (55)

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SORRY GUYS!!! I know you've been waiting for a while (for this story I mean because what you consider long time waiting for a post with me is standard time with others ;P) and I know this should be longer since you waited but I'm tired... :S And it's really not my nicest chapter... I'm sorry about that too... but like I said, getting tired here! And I really didn't have that much time to work on it..


This is me, keeping a promise! Here's the beginning of your night out Ashley! :D (Sorry I'm tired, you really are getting just the VERY beginning!) 

Now, I hope everyone knows that Alexander in Nine Lives is MINE!!!!!!! Mouhahahahaha.. sexy Alexander ^^ (Oh and PLEASE don't jump to conclusion alright Ashley! It's not what you'll assume, just keep on reading... I just realized you could assume something else and then be mad and not give me Alexander ;P It's not Nana okay? ;P) 

Oh and I would like to mention... this is like... the 55th chapter, but the 60th part in the story group... now I don't know if you guys realized (yes yes I know you do lol) but I've been able to pull of 60 chapters of not making out what so ever between Lexi and Blake, no kissing and all... I'm kinda proud of myself right now ;P I mean that's got to be a record here ;P But oh! Will the strike really continue with this chapter? Mouhahaha maybe not ;P

Okay... so I think that's it...

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"Have you ever stabbed Nazi zombies? There's a really soothing feeling that comes with it" Ty was telling dad, while I was staring intently at my Fettuccini Alfredo.

"Maybe I should restrict your video game playing... last thing I need is a serial killer in the family..." my father trailed frowning.

"Please, that doesn't mean anything. Just because I like the sound when I slice their flesh doesn't mean I'm actually going to go kill people" Ty answered and then laughed mischievously.

"That's it. I'm cutting you off!"

"Come on dad! Just zombies! And Nazi zombies! Not humans... that's another game!"

I stopped listening to them, and kept moving the noodles around in my plate with my fork, elbow on the counter, face leaning in my palm.

I was getting obsessed with Blake... too obsessed... heck it wasn't even "becoming" obsessed with him. I WAS obsessed with him...

And it was completely ridiculous!

Nothing was going to happen between us! I mean every time it almost had, he had stopped it... well I mean, in the library I might have snapped him back to reality and in his room, Josh might have interrupted but those two times, it always seemed like he was actually freaking out after realizing what he was doing. 

That didn't particularly sound good... Well I mean it was fine, but it was proof right? Proof that me and him, it wouldn't happen... as sexy as he was and as obsessed as I was...

And I didn't want anything to happen between us, I like our friendship! I didn't want anything more... right?

"What's bothering you kid?" my father asked, snapping me back to reality.

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