I Sold Myself to the Devil for Vinyls... Pitiful I Know (70)

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I feel bad. This is crappy and there's not a lot but I didn't want to make you wait any longer. And I just keep getting distracted or kidnapped by my friends. 

Anyway, I'm sure you'll still love me. After all something is better than nothing!

And I'll try to write fast the next part but it's 7h30 AM, still haven't slept and I'm tired. So you get this for the moment. And yes probably full of mistakes; excuse my un-working brain and the fact that English isn't even my first language.

Anyway... the school trip should start in the next chapter, if not in the one after. And then maybe six or seven chapters and then it's Blake's birthday. But then again, I always suck at guessing those things don't I? lol

So... enjoy this. Kay is TIRED. She wonders why she doesn't just go to sleep at normal hours. She also wonders if those chips beside her are still any good. And how long it would take her hair to all burn up? She has a lot of it. And a lighter close by. Because she's a pyromaniac. Among many things. Kay also wonders if she should go throw ice cream on one of the boys sleeping downstairs to see his shock face when she does. But then she remembers she likes that ice cream.

And Kay will shut up now.

Enjoy! :D

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Daphnee was the first one to get on her feet and automatically she stared daggers at Alex.

"Why the HELL didn't you let me throw tomatoes at THAT DOUCHE!" she yelled, fixing the "douche" in question while saying the last part.

Alex got up too, rolling his eyes, but putting his hand on her purse because it was obvious that it was just hitching her to hit him with it.

"If you hit me with that, you'll ruin it" Alex grinned hugely at her, while I got up, Blake with me.

"And you think I CARE?" she snorted, glaring a little and poked him on the chest "Party pooper!"

"Take deep breaths Daph" I chuckled.

Daphnee sighed, rolling her eyes "Where's Fun-Lexi when I want to throw tomatoes at people?"

"She was too busy drooling over me!" Blake smirked beside me and I elbowed him in the stomach and glared at him a little, mouthing "Jerk"

That just made him smile hugely so I rolled my eyes too and then looked over at Vanessa who was getting up.

"So what exactly DID you do, for this whole show thing I mean?" I asked her, changing the subject before Daph got to worked up, because well for one thing Van hadn't even been back-stage during the show, plus when she had said yesterday that she was staying late to help she was in fact doing my brother... oh god this is so gross... and well even if I was still trying to fight the mental images, I had to tease her. She was still Vanessa, my best friend since first grade.

Van just looked at me with that little annoyed look of hers, that didn't even need the roll of the eyes to tell you you were a moron "I did a lot of these okay, and it's was actually nice for them to have someone who knew what they were doing and could give them tips..."

She was obviously going to go into a rant, to shut me up maybe, but a teacher came to see her, to congratulate her or something so she turned her attention elsewhere and Blake leaned into my ear to whispered "I hope you know I restrained myself from saying at LEAST five sexual comments on that little rant of hers"

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