Chapter Twenty One

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A few things crossed my mind as my fully clothed body hit the water.

One, well, I was fully clothed.

Two, my M&M's were falling with us.

Three, the water was freaking cold.

Four, if I had mean ninja skills, this never would have happened.

And five, Blake was a dead man.

It was as simple as that. I had come here to actually be kind and apologize and now mister pompous ass throws me in the water!?

He's dead.

D. E. A. D. dead!

Blake was still holding me around the waist, as we got deeper into the water, and all I could think about was that the second we would come up for air he was going down!! I would drown that stinking bastard!

My shirt and shorts were slowing my movements but I still managed to shove Blake away and then come back up for air.

A few seconds later, Blake's head appeared on the surface and he was laughing, actually laughing!

That asshole!

Without hesitation, I jumped on him, to dunk him, and pushed us both down. I kicked myself deeper, my hands pushing his shoulders down, but the shorts kinda made it hard to go fast.

Stupid shorts!

I wonder how guys can actually go fast wearing those... well not the point here anyway.

I grabbed Blake's shirt and towed him deeper. But then Blake held me around the waist again, and he was the one dragging me to the bottom of the Creek. I wiggled out of his hands, kicking and pushing him away, and then pulled myself back to the surface, gasping for air. I barely had time to take one breath before I was pulled by the ankle back into the water.

Ya, I'm probably not going to win this fight, I thought as I was once again surrounded by the coldness of the water.

I hate to admit this but I'm still a girl and the guy I'm up against now is kinda the running back in my school football team. As much as I'd loved to believe I'm a badass, I don't really stand a chance when I lose the element of surprise.

Stinking jackass, stinking stinking jackass!

So I kicked Blake in the chest, and swam to the surface, heading for the deck.

But before I could lift myself fully on the deck, Blake grabbed me around the waist and then I was falling back in the water again and I could hear Blake laughing.

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