I Sold Myself to the Devil for Vinyls... Pitiful I Know (86)

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Hey guys! :D

So this is shorter than I intended, I almost just skip posting this, but I wanted this chapter out for a few reasons. You’ll probably understand at the end. I think it’s a cute moment! :)

 So, enjoy this chapter. In a few hours I will upload the next one. And a few hours after that, the epilogue.

 This book is almost coming to an end people…

Oh well, hope you enjoy this! :P

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“What if they don’t like me?”

“Don’t worry Pumpkin, they’ll love you,” Blake repeated for about the hundredth time, almost rolling his eyes.

I narrowed mine, and replaced the strap of my bag correctly on my shoulder. “You’re just saying that…”

We were walking out of the airport, heading towards the parking. Apparently there was a car for us waiting there, one Blake knew. His grandparents had sent him the key in the mail and told him where they had parked it so we could get to it once we arrived and drove to their place. They would have picked us up but that was Blake usual drill when he visited his grandparents so I followed through his routine.

Blake and I had been dating for about two months now and his grandparents apparently had been nagging him for a while to finally meet “his lady” so Blake had decided that we’d visit them during the winter holidays.

The idea had seemed great at first, but now that I was actually there I was freaking out a bit. Okay well, more like freaking out a lot. What if they didn’t like me? What if I made a bad impression? What if I made a complete fool if myself? From what I understood they were very rich and very classy, and I had no idea how to act around people like that—okay I was use to interact with Blake’s parents but that’s because his mom was a sweetheart and she was always kind with me and his father… well he was nice too, a little intimidating but he was kind too… Blake absolutely loved his grandparents and I knew how important family was to him. Wouldn’t it be sort of a deal breaker if they didn’t like me? And I mean, his father was the one that was intimidating, and it was his parents we were going to see, so wouldn’t that mean all his family would be intimidating to me?

“Pumpkin, please, will you stop over thinking? Everything’s going to be fine. They will love you,” Blake repeated, walking confidently to where the car was probably. I felt a bit useless.

And it was strange to be here. Last time I had been at this airport it had been after my father’s cousin’s funeral. It felt like years away.

“How can you be sure,” I whined. Blake could always guess when I was over thinking things in my head, it was a little disturbing but to be honest I loved it because that meant he really knew me.

“Because I know them, and I know you,” he smiled, when he said that. “And if they don’t like you, well it’s their problem,” he added and shrugged.

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