Chapter Seventeen

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Alright people!! Another chapter!! :P

This one is shorter though, and well, it's just the beginning of the Creek, I just wanted to upload tonight so that's what you're getting, plus I like the end ;P Might have a few mistakes here and there, just point it out if you see any...

So anyway, this goes to all my fans!! We've reached the three digits y'all! YAY!

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Oh and ya... the sneak peek isn't in this chapter yet... you'll have to wait for the next one!

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The twins howled at that like two morons. And then they ran towards the little trail between the trees to get to the Creek.

I looked over at Alex, both of our eyes going all "We're so racing this" and then next thing I knew I slid out of my shoes and ran towards the trail like a maniac.

Alex, who had been a little further away than me, easily caught up and now, we were racing side by side, pushing each other towards the trees, slapping branches in our faces, and trying to make the other trip with our feet.

I could hear other people running behind us but I didn't care. What I did care about was getting to the deck before Alex.

And then we reached the end of the trail and I could see Trevor and Cameron jumping in the water with all their clothes on.

I had been smart enough to put my bikini under mine, so as I ran toward the deck, I took my shirt off and then pushed Alex again in the trees as hard as I could, and skipped to get out of my jeans.

And then I ran on the wooden deck, and without knowing if the water was warm or freezing I dove into the Creek.

The second my skin touched the water, I wanted to gasp.

It was simply freezing. I mean, I knew I would get use to it, still the shock was there.

But I ignored the cold and stayed under water, swimming away from the deck, trying to hold my breath as long as I could. And then I pushed myself up with my legs, only now aware that I was deeper than I had thought and then my head finally emerge from the water and I took a big breath.

I pushed my hair away from my face and looked around, seeing the twins trying to push each other under water, and then I saw Alex's head coming out. 

"I WON!!!" I yelled, swimming towards him, splashing water in his face.

Alex laughed and then splashed water back at me.

I let myself sink deep into the water, trying to reach the bottom, kicking the water with my legs and arm, but it was too deep so I glided back up.

I got spattered by water the second my head reached out, from Davis canon ball into the Creek.

Catherine was screaming in Mark's arm as he walked to the end of the deck holding her up to the water. And then he jumped with her.

Seconds later, Peter and Justin race on the deck and both dove in the water, followed by Jimmy.

Blake ran on the deck and front-flipped into the water, every guy cheering for him.

Show off...

Connor dove after him and after that Dwayne walked up, like Mark, with a screaming Janna in his arm.

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