I Sold Myself to the Devil for Vinyls... Pitiful I Know (87)

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I paced in my room a couple more times, scowling at the ground.

Blake had gone for a skiing trip with Josh during March break and had arrived last night. He had called me when he had arrived and was completely exhausted from the flight and sleepless nights so he had just went directly home to sleep.

And now, it was almost five in the afternoon and Blake still wasn’t here, and hadn’t called me. We were supposed to go to an exhibition opening and if he wasn’t here in the next twenty five minutes we would be late.

He was probably still sleeping! And it annoyed me because I wanted to see him right now. I hadn’t seen him for a week and as much fun as I had with Daphnee and Alex and Vanessa that had come visit, now I wanted to see my boyfriend and I wanted to smell him and kiss him, and he was going to make us late!

But I still hadn’t called him because well, if he was still sleeping I would wake him up and I hated to wake him up because he always slept so little.

Confliction, confliction…

Well screw this, Blakey-Boy had to get up at one point.

I grabbed my cellphone on my bedside table and dialled his number.

And Blake didn’t pick up. I got his answering message, his deep sexy voice saying, “Hi, you’ve reached Blake, sorry I can’t come to the phone right now cause I’m having hardcore sex with my Lexi while she wears that hot and sexy French maid outfit of hers... THANKS JOSH! So you know what to do... Oh and if it’s you Pumpkin... I know, I’m in big trouble right now... spank me after the beep?”


Oh my god! What the hell? When had he changed that message!


I took a deep breathe before leaving my message. “Oh babe you’re in so much trouble right now! Uno, why the hell aren’t you here yet? You’re still sleeping right? I’m driving over and trust me, the way I’ll wake you up won’t be pretty so you better BE up! And secundo, you’re changing that answering thingy! It’s going to go along the way; I can’t come up to the phone right now cause my hot Lexi is beating the shit outta me for the last message, and I love it cause I’m sick that way! Oh and tertio, when I’m done beating you up I’m putting the French maid outfit on!” I said and shut the phone, smirking a little.

Okay I shouldn’t have added that part, but what could I say. You couldn’t really resist Blake. Ever.

If he got that message before I got to his place we would definitely be late…

Not like I would be complaining…

I skipped down the stairs fast and jogged to my car, or well what my heels wearing feet could consider has jogging.

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