Chapter Thirty Seven

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I woke up from the sound of the front door closing, slightly confused and then realized I had fallen asleep beside Ty.

I could hear his light snoring, and was happy that he had found sleep. Things are much simpler when you are unaware.

The sound of a car engine starting got me out of the bed.

Anthony must be leaving. Dad was alone again. I had to go see him...

I slipped out of Ty's bed and then made my way towards dad's study.

The light was still on; escaping from a thin open crack, so I knocked on the door and then opened it.

"Hey kid... you should be sleeping..." he trailed, sitting behind his desk, the bottle of Jack on it, and with less alcohol in it then the last time I had seen it.

"You too dad..." I whispered and walked up to him, to hug him.

"Stop worrying about your old man kid..." my father smiled lightly, patting my arm wrapped around his neck.

"But my old man needs to know his kids care about him, and that they're here for him, no matter what!" I breathed, smelling his familiar after shave.

That was a comforting smell. One that brought memories back of me, still a little kid, not even going to school yet, sitting in the bathroom counter, looking at my dad shaving, his expression as concentrated as mine before he tapped the tip of my nose with his finger, leaving shaving cream on it.

When you're young, you have stages. Ones where your mom is your favourite and ones where your dad is. And when you're young your parents are your heroes, usually that is, I mean there's always exception... but for me that was the way things were.

And my dad... my dad was this all perfect model for me when I was a kid... of course then you grow up and realize your parents aren't perfect, but still for me, my dad was still my model, my dad was the anchor of our family, and without him, everything would be shattered. Proof; Mom and Anna had left but I considered Ty, dad and I as a full fledged family, and one even closer that is...

My mother had abandoned us. I had to accept it, we all had too. I mean at first you always expect that it's just a bad dream and everything will get back to normal the next day, but then you know it's true, and you hope that she'll just come back and then everything will be the same again.

But everything wouldn't be the same again. Because she had left, and this fact could never be denied. And right now I knew that I didn't want my mother to come back.

We would be better off without her. We were better off without her.

I just needed dad to accept this too...

"You know dad, we can be happy without her, we can still make a life without her, we can go on without her. We don't NEED her... It would have been nice if things had just stayed the same, but things change, it's the way life works... But we have to change with them... we can't stick with the past... Because living is a present thing, it's not a future thing and it's definitely not a past thing..." I whispered to my father, still hugging him around the neck.

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