I Sold Myself to the Devil for Vinyls... Pitiful I Know (slowly editing) by DarknessAndLight
I Sold Myself to the Devil for Karianne
Lexi Grayson is a normal teenager, as normal as she can be with her unobserving skills and her overthinking mind. But she might need the overthinking if she wants to unr...
  • vinyl
  • teen
  • vanessa
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Billionaire Baby Daddy by krazygirlz032000
Billionaire Baby Daddyby krazygirlz032000
"Marry me." "Excuse me? I'm sorry, I must have heard you wrong, say that again." "I said, marry me." "No." "It wasn't a ques...
  • baby
  • marriage
  • romance
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| Dealing With Him | COMPLETED by JazzLuvs_
| Dealing With Him | COMPLETEDby J . N Jordan
"Never will you ever be in charge," I said sharply. He chuckled and we stopped in front of a door. He leaned into my ear which, obviously, made me shiver. &quo...
  • wattys2018
  • crazy
  • mates
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Happily Married [COMPLETE] by _illuminating
Happily Married [COMPLETE]by layla
The story of a man who loves his mistress more than his wife. #48 Romance - 19.12.17 Copyright © 2017 @_illuminating All Rights Reserved
  • love
  • marriage
  • heartbreak
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HIS SEX TOY by 1999beauty
"How do I know I can trust you?" She asked, watching him carefully. "You don't." He simply said, pouring himself a glass of what she presumed to be...
  • wealthy
  • heartbreaker
  • toy
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my AMO and AKO series #1(completed) #watty2018) by Assumer21
my AMO and AKO series #1( WILAB QUEEN
He is VINZ JOSH DEL VALLE,kinatatakutan ng lahat ng nasa paligid niya. Ngunit sa isang di inaasahang pagkakataon ay NAGING SUNOD-SUNURAN siya sa isang babae.Hindi lang...
  • love
  • sexy
  • maid
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An Unwilling Wife by _annie353
An Unwilling Wifeby Spread your wings🕊
#73 in romance (1.2.18) #79 in romance (29.1.18) #83 in romance (26.1.18) #89 in romance (24.1.18) #91 in romance (22.1.18) #93 in romance (21.1.18) #97 in romance (18.1...
  • shivaay
  • featured
  • marriage
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A deal by future_dr22
A dealby wanderingsoul
A deal that will change their lives.......what will happen will it bring them together or not.......peep inside the story to know more..........
  • deal
  • manan
  • marraige
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A Collection Of Short Stories- (SwaSan) by Silent_Star13
A Collection Of Short Stories- ( no idea
some simple few shots i.e two, three, four or five shots... Index 1. Soul mate (Completed)✓ 2. a new start (Completed)✓ 3. Mending broken souls (completed)✓ 4. All I wan...
  • sufferig
  • emotional
  • jail
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AGREEMENT #wattys2018  by VRUKSHA
AGREEMENT #wattys2018 by Vruksha Joshi
Highest Rank #47 - 4th Dec 17 - Beautiful #35 - Handsome #18 - Faith #38 - Truth FAST UPDATES (Editing In Process) What happens when your marriage is on the foundat...
  • wife
  • ceo
  • husband
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Suicidal || M.Y.G by Euphoric_Serendipity
Suicidal || M.Y.Gby Cingkit_Siddayao
"Promise me that you will live" "There is no point of doing this" "Just don't end your life yet" "I'm sorry, I can't" One Boy ||...
  • kpop
  • lie
  • death
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| Rotting Away | Book One | by Leynaahhh
| Rotting Away | Book One |by Leynaahhh
Leena had the worst luck in the world, her boyfriend of 4 years cheated her with her best friend of 9 years, and she got left homeless with only ten dollars to survive f...
  • deal
  • first
  • depression
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Fake Boyfriend by sweet__paola__
Fake Boyfriendby sweet__ruby
"Deal" °°°°°°°°° Layla is not your typical nerd or your mean girl. She has many friends but one that she has sticked to since she...
  • highschool
  • bết
  • betbadboy
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The Wingwoman's Wingman by miacapris
The Wingwoman's Wingmanby Mia Capris
No, this isn't a story about a hero. Or a heroine. Or a hot girl. Or a hot guy. Actually, maybe a hot guy. It's just your very average story about a very average side ch...
  • tww
  • youngadult
  • comedy
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Kidnapped by Mr Pretty Eyes? by colourful_mind
Kidnapped by Mr Pretty Eyes?by colourful_mind
Alex walkers life takes a huge turn when she walks into a Starbucks she doesn't fangirl over pumpkin spice latte it's far deeper than that. Cain Hunt takes o...
  • cain
  • revenge
  • romance
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The Deal with the Billionaire by HalcyonLover
The Deal with the Billionaireby halcyonlover
Nathaniel Ventura needs to prove to his grandfather that he deserves his family's multibillion dollar company before his grandfather's retirement. Or else everything his...
  • badboy
  • hot
  • ceo
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Mad Love by pegicornelle
Mad Loveby pegicornelle
Highest Rank - #702 in Romance - #63 in Mafia Him Maybe I was a bastard for buying her. But she was mine, and in my world, when I wanted some...
  • debt
  • underground
  • newadult
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Phantom (Yandere!Natemare x Reader) by kaylathecat8
Phantom (Yandere!Natemare x Reader)by Deleted
I'm just a phantom in your room, With no intent on leaving soon.
  • yandere
  • college
  • xreader
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Mr And Mrs Blossom by _sarahaxox
Mr And Mrs Blossomby Sarah
Sonia Richardson is a 23 year old, who works at a elementary school as a teacher. Sonias parents tell her a jaw dropping deal they made many years ago with the Blossoms...
  • deal
  • friends
  • rejected
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The Devil's Deal (Bendystraw alert) by TornGold
The Devil's Deal (Bendystraw alert)by T.G
In this story Cuphead has been suffering from the death of his brother. His brother Mugman had died during an episode of his illness. Cuphead still mourns for his broth...
  • cuphead
  • bendyxcuphead
  • deal
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